Pikachu check out the pool for the first time

Pikachu check out the pool for the first timePiakchu was outside playing in the sandbox when his mother com bay and sad that she have something fun to show him. He take his mothers paw and start to waddling beside here whit his cute diaper butt moving from side to side. It is such a hot day today so i think you can play in the pool for a little wile.

It was then Pikachu notes some big new thing in front of the house. He point at it and sad can i really play in that thing? His mother smile at him and sad yes little sweetie it is going to be allot of fun. Wait here i need to get back in and bring out your bathing toys.

Pikachu look at the strange thing where he should suppose to play in. He get down to all four whit his diaper butt in the air and start looking at it little closer and wounder what sort of bathtub is this? It did dent look like anything he have seen inside the house. The bathtub in the bathroom was match bigger and this thing was smaller and something you could look straight through. Is this really something you can play in?

Draw by Veemonsito

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