Gym Class Exposure

Gym Class ExposureHere is a pic of me after being pantsed by one of my classmates during gym class at Shady Oaks High School when I was a freshman. I wasn’t kidding when I told you in the quote of my awkward high school yearbook photo that I was the most pantsed guy in gym class. This particular pantsing took place when our gym coach had us do the rope climb, and when it was my turn, one of my class mates walked up and pulled my sweatpants down exposing my undies for the whole class and our gym coach to see. I was told by my coach to go shower up, and go to the locker room to get changed while the rest of gym class went on. The were other countless times that I was pantsed in gym class before and after that one. My gym classmates loves seeing me in my underwear and loves seeing my braces, this is what happens to you alot if you are the target of being loved getting looked at in your undies.

The blushing wolf by  Sultz_Z._Wolf

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes this sort of moments can be very embarrassing when someone have decided to pull your pants down in front of ever one.

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