Life’s A Chibi: Breaking Down

Life's A Chibi: Breaking DownVery one has a moment when they can’t contain their real self inside their shell and they break down – under pressure, a dramatic event, physical illness, isolation, anxiety attacks, frustration, etc. Pieces of them slowly start to fall off their body with each passing moment. The more they shed, the more you see their true hidden emotional state.

Sometimes people hide the fact that their shell is cracking and go on throughout the day, trying to remain strong so they won’t cause a scene or they are afraid of embarrassing themselves. Sometimes they feel like breaking down or showing any type of vulnerable emotion is a sign of weakness. So they keep on wearing their wounded shell like nothing is wrong with them.

It is never a sign of weakness or cowardice to expose your emotions, especially to someone you are close to and you can trust. Our emotions make up who we are. Never think you are alone when you feel yourself coming apart. Those who you trust and care for you will help you gather up all the pieces and help you heal.

For those of you who lend a helping hand to someone who you know is cracking or breaking down, comfort them to the best you possibly can. A small talk, spend time with them or give them a treat, but importantly giving them your time, patience and attention. Something that simple and generous will help them on the right path to heal themselves and collect the pieces they lost.

artwork © 2016 o-kemono

Draw and everything by o-kemono


This is one good message and point :)

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