They See Me Rolling

They See Me Rollingon a warm, summer day, Crunch was feeling extra cubbish, so Mommy decided to dress her pup up in his baby bonnet, thick diaper, and even decided to pull out his old baby walker he had when he ws just learning to walk! ^^

as soon as Crunch was plopped into his walker, he squeed with joy and began to play with all the doohickeys within his reach and crinkle wagged the entire time. as he nursed his pacifier, Crunch had forgotten how much he used to love playing with his baby walker. ^^

he spend the entire day rolling around the house, and getting into mischief. it’s a good thing he looks so adorable doing it though, otherwise I could only imagine the trouble he’d get himself into.
Crunch © to poochyena
Poochyena © to Pokémon

Draw by cyberpikachu


Cute looks like Crunch have allot of fun in this old baby walker that his mother have save for him. Look what a big smile that he have.

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