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Expert AdviceBako, standing in front of his potty chair, scowled powerlessly at his younger brother. The teen fennec had been over this too many times. Every year, since he was a toddler, his parents tried to potty train him. Bako, however, was without success, and couldn’t keep his pants dry despite the repeated attempts. Despite his years, the fox had never been out of diapers.

This year his parents decided that his little brother, Kory, would try to train him. Kory, of course, was toilet trained as a cub with minimal effort, and was perfectly accustomed to seeing his older brother in diapers. Perhaps they thought their eldest’s embarrassment at having Kory in charge would spur him into holding his bladder. However, it was day 11, and the only thing that had changed was Bako’s diapers.

Bako grimaced as Kory repeated himself. He stood in front of the potty, and tugged his pull-ups down to his ankles. This was quite degrading for Bako, because unlike his parents, Kory took exceptional pride in examining his older brother’s pull-ups for wetness. The younger fennec leaned over dramatically, sniffing loudly, and running a finger along the inner fabric of the disposable underwear.

“Seems like you’ve had a teeny accident, but maybe there’s hope you can use the potty today!”

Draw and everything by Gordo


Poor big brother it is not so match fun when your little brother have master the skills on potty training before you do. Special when you are so match older then he is.

I hope he master the potty skills soon so he dont need to be embarrass any more. But from the look of it it seems to be something very hard for him to do.

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