Tena Slip Active-Fit Plus

Tena Slip Active-Fit PlusTena Slip Active-Fit Plus now also available covered completely with plastic wrap.

A universal slip nappy with a waterproof safety barrier with anatomically shaped elastic cuffs for maximum safety and maximum comfort. The comfort tapes can open the diaper and closed repeatedly. The color of the new humidity indicator changes from yellow to blue when it’s ready for a change.

Color-coded: grey

Absorption: 8 of 8 drops, about up to 3980ml

Size chart hip size:

M = 73 to 122cm (28-48″), 2102ml

L = 92-152cm (36.2-59.9″), 2410ml

You can order the Tena Slip Active-Fit Plus from ABDLFactory today :)

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