Molicare Slip Maxi


The reinforced ultra absorbent layer provides high suction power and retains moisture tight.

The Dry-Plus leads moisture in the absorbent core and soft fleece protects the skin and keeps it dry.
Soft, moisture and dirt repellent inner anti-leak edges provide extra protection against leakage.
The all-around elastic plastic foil with humidity indicator, the anatomical elastic leg closure in the crotch Molicare give a good fit.
Can easily be opened again closed with the resealable adhesive strips. Discreetly worn under normal underwear.
PE clothing made from environmentally protective plastic film, produced without the use of pulp flakes and conventional bleaching. The brand is a product of Vlesia Paul Hartmann
The maximum safety for severe urinary or fecal incontinence and night care.
Small = 60-90cm, 3100ml ISO
Medium = 70-120cm, 3752ml ISO
Large = 120-150cm, 4701ml ISO
This product can be order from ABDLFactory and the price start at €13.50.

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