“Training Pants” in Adult Sizes

lvuccrdwdzky7rbr7kk1Many older kids, teens and adults have trouble staying completely dry, or just want the confidence that a daytime pant can give! These wonderful undies give you a waterproof outer shell of PUL in classic white or fun “big Kid” prints covering two thirsty layers of microfiber, and a soft and reassuring terry-cotton inner layer for three total layers of absorbency.

Great for those who dribble or leak but don’t need a bulky diaper; and those who want to be able to quickly pull them down when they do make it to the toilet.

Available in Two Sizes:
Size 7 Fits waists from 30″ to 42″ with a max-stretch of 45″
Size 8 Fits waists from 40″ to 52″ with a max-stretch of 55″

What We Need & What You Get

Similar to our last campaign we have already pre-ordered and paid for most of this productions run. We are looking to raise $800 to cover the costs of shipping them to us for distribution.

For those who help us we have some nice perks available, which include:

  • Get the Prints you want! Pre-ordering through Indiegogo lets you lock in your print choices now, ensuring the prints you love don’t sell out before you get yours!
  • Save Money! We expect these pants to retail for $19-22 depending on size. You can snag one for $15, or pay as little as $12 each when you pre-order a multi-pack!
  • Share the Love! Don’t need protection but still want to help? You can donate a few dollars in exchange for some fun gifts, or donate a pair of Kid Pants to someone in need!

perky_liklptYou can find more info about this raise and claim the product on this page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/adult-kid-pants-training-pant-diaper–2#/

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