Fabine Exklusiv Gold

Today Buntewindel send out a newsletter information us costumers that they going to release a new product that going to be available 07. July 2016 and 08. July 2016 in the warehouse. This new product is going to go under the name Fabine Exklusiv Gold.


We use a new pearl absorber, this absorbs even faster than the conventional SAP and converts it faster in gel. So the Fabine is even drier

and swells even a little more if it is wet. Furthermore, we use now an even softer inner sheet, what makes the wearing more comfortable, even during long wearing.

All in all, we have the Fabine Exklusiv completely revised. Let the Fabine Exklusiv Gold surprise yourself and test it, while stocks last.

Because of many customer requests – the Fabine Exkulsiv Gold is in the Teddy design.


Sounds from the product description that this going to be a special product. Maybe i try it i have not wear a Fabine Exklusiv product for a long time.

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