Babyfur Comic: o sonho do bebê, final

o sonho do bebê, finalIt was Yure woke up.
– Oh, no! – he yelled. – Did I wet the bed?
He quickly felt the mattress and groped his diapered front… and felt that his bladder was hurting. He was still full! Which meant that he managed to sleep a dry night! Happy for his bed being dry, he opened the window and yelled:
– I had a dry night!
Yes, little Yure, you really had a dry night. But don’t be careless about other kinds of accidents!

Draw and everything by Yure16


Yes it sure looks like this cat had a dry night but it seems like he had another kind of accident that he dont have notes yet. Bad that we dont going to know how he going to react when he notes the messy accident that he have release subconsciously.

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