Babyfur Comic: o sonho do bebê, página 7

Babyfur Comic: o sonho do bebê, página 7
– To the room already! – Vitória yelled out.
Yure could barely hear, because his bladder was distracting him. He was still holding himself with all of his might, but Vitória’s tugging made him lose more urine. But, as the seconds went by, Yure managed to be in control of his body again, even though he had a damp diaper now. His bladder began to hurt.
– Time to go back to bed – said Vitória, pushing Yure to the crib.
Once in there, Yure comtemplated his situation: desperate, tied and now behind the crib bars, not to mention the ridiculous bow.
– To keep you from waking me up again – said Vitória -, let’s make sure that you won’t be hungry this night again. What about another round of milk, you naughty girl?
“No more! Please, no more!”, Yure wanted to yell, but all that came out was:
– Aaah, gwagwahhgaaaa-yaaaa!
Vitória, using brute force, made Yure drink the milk round, compensating the small leakages and filling his bladder beyond the previous amount.

Draw and everything by Yure16


Looks like this cats diaper starting to get wet now and whit this second bottle its soon going to be impossible for him to control his bladder any more its going to burst and release it content into the waiting diaper. I hope the diaper is going to be able to handle it.

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