Bath time (Kids Pool)

Bath timeThis day was an hot day in Fox town. Foxys mother thought it could be good for here son to play in the water today whit his water toys. So she toke out the new kid pool and loaded it whit some nice water. when everything was ready she could for Foxy that was playing in the sandbox to come and play in the water instead of that hot sand and this day should be a good day to let your cut bum get some air so you dont end up whit some bad diaper rash in this hot weather.

So she help Foxy off whit his diaper and put him in the water and give him some duck to play whit. Foxy was sitting in the water sucking on his pacifier and look back at his mother that was sitting on a sun lounger to have some nice sun on here body.

Draw by ZombiNeko

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