Summer Punishment Chapter 15

Story is written by DLglasgow

Summer was now coming to an end and we had both managed to avoid any major punishments. It was a sunny Friday afternoon and I was just lying on the sofa pretty much oblivious to my rather full nappy when mum came and spoke to me.

“Hannah, seeing as there is only 1 week or so left of your punishment we’ve decided to send you on a camp so you can socialise a bit.” She said as she removed my dummy so I could reply

“Really? So you’re going to take me out of nappies?” I asked

“Well no you’ve still got to continue your punishment but don’t worry you’re going to a special camp and everyone is in the same boat.”

“Arh, ok… I’m not sure if I…” I replied but mum quickly cut me off

“You’ve got no choice Hannah, and you will be picked up tomorrow morning. Lucy will be staying here though.” And with that she reinserted my dummy and left.

A hundred emotions where pulsing through my head, it would be nice to get out of the house, but other people would see my nappies, but those people would also be in nappies, it would be so embarrassing but could be fun…

The next day I was ready in a clean double nappies, yellow sun dress, mittens and dummy tied in place waiting for a person from the camp to pick me up. When the knock came and the young man entered I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was the attractive 20 something year old who had fitted my crib. Following him out I wished I could say something but he just ushered me into a mini van parked outside, strapping me into an adult sized car seat.

I wasn’t alone, four other teenagers were also strapped in around me. Two girls who I guessed were just a little younger than me, a teenage boy maybe around 14 and another boy who was at least my age. They all, like me were clearly in nappies and judging by the smell at least somebody had a messy one.

Just before we set off the young man reached from the front, untying my dummy and letting it hang around my neck. “At camp you allowed to speak free as long as you behave” he said winking at me.

“I’m Chris by the way and everyone this here is Hannah” he said speaking more loudly to the whole mini-van.

“Hi Hannah, I’m Aimee” said the girl closes to me. At the van started to move away they all introduced themselves, the two girls Aimee and Chloe were 15 & 16, I was right about John the younger boy being 14 and oldest boy sitting in the back, Jake was 19.

As we journey continued on we all got to know a little more about each other’s story. Chloe’s was so similar to mine it was scary and she too was a level 4 admitting this with the fact that the bad smell was indeed coming from her. John the youngest was only a level 2 but his jeans did nothing to hide the big nappy they contained. Aimee was a level 3 along with Jake although he admitted he had been decreased from a 5 to a 4 and then to a 3 after good behaviour.

With Jake being the only one in the group experiencing level 5 we all started asking questions.

“What’s it like?” asked John the youngest

“Boring mainly. The drugs mean you’re pretty much helpless and I spent most my time sleeping, eating or being changed…”

“My parents were threatening me with Level 6 at one point so I just went along with it quietly and luckily they started decreasing my levels.” He added

“Level 6?” I asked

“I thought there were only 5 levels” Aimee added

“Yeah, there is a level 6 its just you can’t start on it, so most people don’t know about it” Jake replied

“So what is it? I can’t imagine anything worse than 5?” I said, thinking in my head what it could be…

“Well on the face of it it’s not worse, I mean all the baby clothes, dummies, cribs, etc go but instead they give you an injection. This injection makes you lose full control of your bladder and bowels for about a year” he finished with everyone either gasping or staring at him with fear

“Oh god, so it means you have to like stay in nappies through school and everything”

“Yeah exactly, they only use it when the parents feel the teen need constant correction to keep them on track and they can keep it going until you’re 21” was his reply

I swore loudly

“Hey, I’ll have none of that Hannah or that dummy will be going back in” came a sharp voice from the front

“Sorry” I mumbled back, still thinking over the simple horror of level 6

Story is written by DLglasgow

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