Jack’s Plan – Chapter 12

Story is written by abdl5622

I waddled off the ride, smooshing the now cooling sludge in my rear. I noticed my mom struggling not to laugh. I guess I do look kinda ridiculous. At this point, I had given up on trying to conceal the fact that I was in a diaper. The smell would give me away in a heartbeat. I just hope no one here recognizes me. I thought as we approached the restroom. Luckily there was a handicap restroom, which the three of us went in.

“I don’t think you’ll fit on that” my mom said pointing to the changing table.

“Neither do I” I replied.

“I brought a changing mat that should fit you” she said as she unfolded a large blue plastic mat.

With a splat, I planted my rear on the mat and leaned back.

“Alright let’s see the damage” she said as she pulled off my shorts. I glanced down to see a very full diaper. The yellow lines had turned blue, there were dark brown stains along the leg gatherers, and the diaper had turned a light shade of brown.

“Oh boy, good think I brought plenty of wipes, Katie, why don’t you play a game on mommy’s phone?” she said reaching into her purse. This is gonna take that long…

Riippp. The smell got ten times worse as she pulled the tapes off revealing the contents of my diaper.

About 15 minutes and three dozen wipes later, “All set, nice and clean” Finally.

I smiled. It is so nice to be in a nice fresh diaper.

“Let’s see how your diaper is doing Katie”

“Hmm?” she said innocently.

“Wet, okay time to stop playing with mommy’s phone”


After a short couple minutes my sister was also in a fresh diaper.

We then left the bathroom and enjoyed the rest of the day at the amusement park. Thankfully, with no more messes. At least none from me. We began to walk to our car as I felt the immense weight of the soaked padding between my legs. Why am I so wet? I don’t remember having to go and why does my stomach still feel odd. Did I eat something bad?

“Thanks for this mom”

“Yeah, thanks mommy”

“No problem, it’s nice to take a day to have fun with my two favorite people in the whole world” she said with a great bear hug.

I hopped into the back of the car with a wet squish while my mom buckled my sister to her bright pink car seat. I don’t remember wetting, then again it has been happening more frequently. This might be going to far, I mean I took a freaking dump in front of my little sister. My stomach twisted and churned some more as we began our trip back. Maybe I am just a bit carsick? I thought as I focused on the green trees rolling by. My sister was swinging her legs up and down and my mom was humming to the radio when the urge hit me. It hit me like a ton of bricks, I needed to go and I needed to go now. Not going to happen for a second time today.

“Mom, how much longer?”

“We are about half way, so I’d say 30 minutes. Why?”

Thirty whole minutes. I can’t last that long. I thought as another sharp pain came from my bowels.

“I have to use the bathroom”

“Again? Alright, I will look for a rest stop but, you can just use your diaper”

“Please do” I pleaded with my situation becoming more and more desperate. It felt like molten lava flowed through my bowels. I was fidgeting a lot, when I got an idea, that I thought would help. Maybe if I pass a little gas it would help alleviate the pressure. How wrong I was. I relaxed my sphincter for just a moment and squelch, like a volcano erupting, a huge wave of boiling sludge dropped into the seat of my diaper. The seat pushed back forcing the mass to push up the front of my diaper. Come on… well no point in holding back now. I relaxed and just let it happen. It was liquidy at first but then it began to get solid when the rancid smell of my rear reached my nose and probably everyones nose.

“Ewww, Jack make stinky”

“Feeling better sweety, I’m sorry”

My face was beet red from the strain and embarrassment as I pushed and saw the front of my diaper expand a little from the mounds of waste that lay between my legs. It just kept coming, hot mushy log after hot mushy log until finally it stopped. I am surprised that the diaper held up.

“I do now” I sighed as I placed my hand in between my legs and felt the steaming hot mass. Every bump in the road squashed the contents of my diaper around.

Why is this happening? Yesterday I was fine, but today I am literally sitting in my own mess. Though… I moved my rear a bit, mashing the mess around. It really isn’t that bad. Other than the smell. I explored the soiled diaper for the remainder of the car ride home. Mushing it all around.

“We are home, Jack come upstairs with me and I will get you out of that dirty diaper”

As much as I am beginning to enjoy this, I would much rather have a nice clean diaper right now.

“Sounds good. Sorry about this”

“Not your fault. Besides, I will probably have to change another dirty diaper sometime tonight” she said as she glanced at my sister.

“Fair enough” I said as I walked upstairs with her.

“Let’s see if it is as bad as the last one” she said as she ripped open the tapes. The smell immidiately got ten times worse.

“Not as bad” she said as she got out the wipes.

“So, I have been thinking Jack”


“I know you can’t help it, but now that you have started to have… bigger accidents, and I don’t think Goodnites are going to cut it”

“So, I should wear these full time?”

“For the time being”

Well they are soft and comfy.


“I invited Amanda and John over for lunch tomorrow”

“Sounds fun”

“All clean” she said as she taped up the new diaper. Wow, that feels sooo nice.

We had an uneventful dinner and I went upstairs to write an entry in my journal. Odd, I don’t remember leaving my laptop on. I must have forgotten to turn it off. I thought as I opened it up and began to write.

Today was a very interesting day. It was a ton of fun as I got to go to an amusement park. I also messed myself today, not once but twice. I don’t know why, it just all came out. It was not that bad though. I don’t really mind the feeling. The smell though is something I would rather avoid. I am going to talk about the event tomorrow with John. We will see how far this goes.

I saved and closed my laptop and drifted off into a deep slumber.

I awoke to the warm golden sunshine on my face and another warm feeling in my crotch. Oh right, John is coming over soon. I thought as I walked downstairs.

“Jack, you’re up, good. Let’s get you changed before John comes over”

“When does John come over?”

“In about a half hour”

That soon better be quick. After a quick diaper change, I threw on some gym shorts and a T-Shirt. He is going the wet himself when he hears the day I had yesterday. Now that I think about it, he would probably do that anyway. Soon, I heard the doorbell ring.



“It’s good to see you. Come in”


“Hi John”

“You are not going to believe the day I had”

“Oh, I also had quite the day yesterday”

I took John outside and we talked about each of our days.

“A leash. Like what you walk a dog with?” I asked.

“Sort of. Anyway, you now have had the full diaper experience. Was it that bad?”

To be honest. I actually kinda liked the feeling of a squishy mess in my rear.

“It was really not that bad. Other than one thing”

“The smell” we both laughed in unison.

“By the way thanks for this” I said as I pulled out the pacifier from my pocket.

“It is nice. I enjoy mine”

“Boys, I have some lemonade out here for you” mom called out as they both relaxed on lawn chairs.

I soon saw Katie with a fairly saggy diaper.

“Come to play with us”

“Yeah” she said with excitement.

We walked over to the sandbox when I noticed John in a bit of distress for a bit then it went away. I pulled out my pacifier and popped it in my mouth. I happily sucked on my pacifier while I was sitting on my knees playing in the sandbox with John and my sister Katie. I noticed them making some funny faces, but thought nothing of it and just continued sucking on my pacifier. Gurgle, the pressure in my stomach began to intensify. I am going to have to go inside soon. But, it is such a beautiful day and from the smell of things. Someone else has already made the choice that I should make. I thought as I put my shovel down and clenched my fists. Bllarrrtt, crrinkle, plop. A firm log pushed against the seat of my diaper. Followed by another, crackle, crackle, I grunted as I filled the seat of my diaper. Ahh, much better. I let out a sigh and realized that both my sister and John were looking at the softball sized bulge in my rear. I just smil! ed, picked up my shovel and continued playing. They continued as well I then overheard our mom’s talking while sitting at the table on the patio.

“Well this has been a turn of events Amanda”

“It certainly has been”

“Look at how happy they are playing in the sandbox”

“I don’t think I have seen John like this since his father passed away”

“Nor have I seen Jack like this since he left”

“I have also been enjoying have my baby boy to take care of again, and all it took was a bit of … encouragement from me and some special milk”

“It is nice for Katie to have a playmate and I do enjoy seeing Jack like this. Though this was mostly his idea, I just played along with his little plan” she chuckled.

She must have read my journal. I guess that makes sense. She went along with everything and did not seem to question the reasoning behind any of it. Well water under the bridge now.

“Thanks for all of your help Amanda”

“No problem, I figured if it worked for John, it might work for Jack”

“Speaking of our babies, it smells like one of them needs a change” John’s mom said as she sniffed the air.

They both walked over to us and we all looked up at them.

“So, which one of you is our little stinker?” my mom said in a playful voice.

“Which one isn’t is probably a better question” John’s mom laughed.

We all laughed with her. She does have a point.

We hugged and right then I was happier than I had ever been in my life. Life is perfect now.

Story is written by abdl5622

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