Special medication

Special medicationDash struggled and squirmed as Fluttershy lifted her legs up and began to wipe her down.

“L-let go!, stop it!” said Dash as she clenched her teeth and fought back tears. She struggled with each movement.

Fluttershy hummed along as she finished cleaning her up.

“Don’t worry Dashie, just a few more days and you be back in the sky, like nothing ever happened!”

She continued to resist, but only managed minor uncoordinated movements of her limbs. It had been a week already since she had been injured and put on this ‘special medication’ to prevent any further ‘over-exertions’ as the doctor put it. She didn’t know at the time it would make most of her body numb. The doctor did say to ‘Have a good friend close by to look after you’, but she didn’t think he meant this.

The messy ones were always the worst. And Fluttershy was entirely too ok with this. She had to help her walk, or carry her everywhere. And mash all her food and feed it to her, and only gave her sippy cups when she needed a drink, and cuddled her at night so she wouldn’t “fall out of bed and get hurt”!

It was degrading, but at least she knew that Flutters would keep this quiet…
And the cuddling wasn’t so bad really…

Draw and everything by Sylph_Space

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/19807944/

Poor Dash it sure seems like she have a very rough time to saddling down when it comes to the diaper change.

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