Jody’s New Job Chapter 14

Story is written by neverdry

Kim stood over Jody, watching her sleep. It was 8am. Kim gently placed her hand down onto the front of Jody’s bulging diaper. A couple soft pokes and Kim could tell, Jody had soaked her diaper during the night. Kim placed her hand on Jody’s shoulder. “Time to get up baby.”

Jody stirred and then slowly opened her eyes. She smiled when she focused on Kim’s face.

“Good morning sweetie. Did you have a good sleep?” Kim asked.

Jody nodded her head. Kim placed her hands under Jody’s arms and lifted up, out of bed, resting her on her hip. “Let’s get some breakfast and then we can get you ready for your first day.”

Jody rested her hand on Kim’s shoulder and let Kim carry her out in the kitchen. Susan was sitting, drinking her first cup of coffee. She look up and smiled as Kim carried Jody towards her.

“Good morning baby girl.” Susan said.

Kim waited for Susan to push her chair out and then transferred Jody onto Susan’s lap. Susan placed her hand under Jody’s diapered bottom and gave it a few pats. Susan could tell right away that her little girl had proven once again, she was not interested in using the potty. Susan bounced Jody a couple times on her lap.

Jody paid no attention to the fact that she had soaked her diaper during the night. The first bounce on Susan’s lap made her smile.

“Are you excited to start your new job?” Susan asked.

Jody pulled her head up and away from Susan. “I am.”

“I thought you would be.” Susan said, and then gave Jody another little bounce.

Kim returned with a plate. Toast and strawberry jam, cut up into eight small slices was placed in front of Jody.

Jody turned away from Susan and looked at the toast and jam. She reached out to take one of the small pieces.

“Aren’t you forgetting something Jody?” Susan cooed.

Jody’s hand stopped just before she reached the toast. She brought it back towards her and  up towards her mouth. Jody’s index finger went between her lips. She turned back toward Susan.  Jody looked so cute with her finger in her mouth, Susan had no choice but to smile and even let out  a little laugh.

Kim had returned standing beside Jody and Susan holding onto a pink bib.

“I forgot. I’m sorry.” Jody said softly.

Susan pulled Jody in for a light hug. She patted her diapered bottom a few times. “That’s okay baby.”

Once Susan let Jody sit back up on her lap, Kim  pulled the bib over Jody’s head. “Okay, eat up honey.”

Jody pulled her finger out of the mouth and reached for the toast and jam. The jam was so sweet and tasted great. In no time Jody had almost finished it all.

“Kim, there is a cup in the fridge for Jody.” Susan half turned to say.

Kim opened the fridge and picked up the pink sippy cup. She brought it over to and handed it to Susan. Jody was on her last piece of toast. Once Jody finished, Susan held up the sippy cup to Jody’s mouth. “Here honey, a drink for you.”

Jody opened her mouth and the plastic spout went in. Jody began to suck in  the half orange juice, half water. Jody’s both hands went up to the cup and Susan let go. Slowly, Susan made Jody lean back so that her head was resting on Susan’s shoulder. Gently, Susan pulled Jody’s legs across her lap. Jody was now  lying across Susan’s lap, sucking on her sippy cup, holding it with both hands. Susan looked down at her little girl. ‘A bottle is not  far in the future’ she thought.

Jody felt so relaxed and did not have a care in the world. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so good. It seemed that all her cares and  worries were no where to be found. Jody was so comfortable, she didn’t feel herself adding more wetness to her diaper.

Kim watched and smiled at Susan. Susan returned the smile. Kim let Susan enjoy her moment with Jody and waited until Jody had finished all of her juice.

Kim stood beside them. “I think its time to get your bum changed and get you ready for work.”

Jody opened her eyes and sat up. Still holding onto the sippy cup. She placed the empty sippy cup on the table and then giggled.

“What’s so funny honey?” Kim asked.

Jody’s finger went back up to her mouth and she giggled again. “Nofing.” Jody thought it was funny Kim said, ‘bum change’. She had never heard that before.

“Okay then.” Kim reached out and picked Jody up off of Susan’s lap. She set her on her hip and bounced her a couple times. Kim walked Jody into the bedroom and stood her on the floor. Jody’s finger was still in her mouth.  Kim took a step back and looked down at her.  After a few seconds Kim bent down and unzipped Jody’s pj’s. She pulled Jody’s arms out and then had her step out of them. Jody stood in nothing but a very wet, sagging diaper. Jody with her finger in her mouth, looked very much like a tall toddler.

Kim went and got Jody’s  romper and placed it on the change table. She took her time getting things ready to change Jody. Kim loved how Jody stood still and look on as Kim was getting things together.

“Okay baby. Up you go.” Kim picked Jody up and placed her on the change table.

Jody still had not taken her finger out of her mouth. It wasn’t  like Jody was sucking on her finger, but Kim couldn’t resit.  Kim slowly reached up and pulled Jody’s finger out of her mouth. She bent it down carefully,  making  Jody’s hand into a fist. She pulled Jody’s thumb away from her fist and placed it on her lip. “Does it make you feel better to have something in your mouth honey?” Kim asked.

Jody had not put her finger in her mouth on purpose. She really had no idea that she had been doing that, this morning. Jody pulled her thumb away, just a little bit. “I don’t know.”

Kim placed her hand on Jody’s and guided her thumb back to Jody’s lip. “It’s totally fine honey. I bet it makes you feel more relaxed.” Kim pushed Jody’s thumb past her teeth and held it there. “Just close your mouth honey.”

Jody closed her mouth, wrapping her lips around her thumb.

“I bet that feels good.” Kim said. Kim stuck her thumb out and placed it, into her mouth. She started to suck her thumb, trying to get Jody to do the same. Kim pulled her thumb out after 30 seconds or so.  “It does feel good, doesn’t it?” Kim placed her thumb back in.

Jody watched as Kim stood over her with her thumb in her mouth. KIm looked like she was enjoying having her thumb in her mouth.  Jody gave her thumb a little suck and then another. It did feel good. Jody nodded her head up and down.

Kim pulled her thumb out of her  mouth. “Thats  right honey. It feels so good. You can put that thumb in there anytime you like. Okay?”

Jody’s head nodded up and down again. She was getting into a rhythm now and she was feeling great. Why had she never down this before. It felt very relaxing.

“You’re  such a good girl Jody. You’re just the cutest girl I ever saw.”

Kim quickly noticed  a smile from from behind Jody’s hand and she kept talking. “Yes you are. You’re so cute.” Kim said, in a sing-song voice. “Now, lets get that little bum of yours changed.”

Jody was so content and happy. It was like she had just found a new best friend.  Jody closed her eyes and concentrated on sucking. She did not even flinch when Kim used a cool baby wipe on her.

Susan was on her second cup of coffee and was watching Kim and Jody. Something stirred in Susan when Kim placed her thumb in her mouth. Her face quickly  went closer to her phone, watching her girlfriend suck on her thumb. Something about seeing Kim with her thumb in her mouth made Susan excited beyond anything she had felt before. Susan’s hand went down between her legs and without thinking, she started to massage her private part. Susan had the quickest and most intense orgasm she had ever had. She leaned back in her chair. She could feel that her panties were wet. She needed to change. Susan slowly got up and went to her bedroom.

Story is written by neverdry

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  1. are you ever going to finish the story ( Jody’s new job )
    I would really love to read more of it ‘like sometime before I die ‘

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