Forsite AM PM Maximum Adult Briefs Review Part 2

Now it is time for the part 2 of the review of the Forsite AM PM Maximum Adult Briefs.

Tape Zone

The tape zone on this diaper is really something new and exacting. I have newer seen this type of tape zone it is really special.


When it comes to the tape they are wide and seems to handle there work pretty good. No need to retape the diaper. It is easy to get a good fit on this diaper.



The comfort of this diaper is really amazing that was the first thing that hit me. It feels like you have a big very soft pillow surrounding your waist. Everything on the diaper feels soft and premium. This great feel was newer something i expected to feel but this is really something special. You feel weary secure and relax in this product. Ones again it is an amazing feeling to feel this kind of thickness and softness that surrounds you. The diaper make you feel like you is in heaven floating around on soft cuddling cloud.


The comfort of the diaper is good all through the night. The only problem i found is when the diaper starting to get pretty wet so it starting to get soggy between the legs. The fit around the butt area starting to get destroy which can easy end up to possibly leak spot for liquid and messy stuff. This is not a new problem for this diaper but it dont make you feel so secure any more. That is my point.


When it comes to absorbing in this diaper it is really amazing. The liquid get quickly absorbing into the diaper and left the surface all dry and soft. This diaper have one of the quickest absorbing that i have seen in a diaper. The absorbency core in this product is weary good and make sure that you bed stays dry and your wet accident stays inside the diaper where it belongs.

Final word

I have dont find many wrong whit this diaper and the first felling i received when i put it on was really amazing how safe it was felling and how thick it was special in the front where you could find a good amount of absorbing material to make sure that the diaper could handle you wet multiply wetting during your sleep. The only problem that i found was the fit around the butt when the diaper starting to get pretty soggy. It should be nice if they could come up whit a fix for that.

Beside this many company say that there night diaper is a premium and the best in the world. This Forsite AM PM Maximum Adult Briefs really is one of the many premium diaper out that or maybe even more premium then the diaper that is available today special when it comes to the great and secure feeling i had when i put it on.

So My ABDL Life really recommend that you try out this diaper it is an amazing and good product that you are going to love. This diaper have really open my eyes when it comes to the diaper comfort.



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