Forsite AM PM Maximum Adult Briefs Review Part 1

Hello this is the part 1 of the review of the new Forsite AM PM Maximum Adult Briefs released by In the video below i talk about the Diaper package and show you how it looks like and wat i think about it. I really like the design they have made on this package. This is how i wont a diaper package should look like special when it comes to the back of the package where you could find some nice information and a photo of the diaper. So you can learn how the diaper is designed to fit the needs to have a safe and relax sleep so you can forget about all the worry’s that you are going to wake up to a wet bed because the night diaper that you decided to wear for the night could not keep your bed dry.

That is one thing that you dont wont to wake up to if you are a bedwetter. It is one thing to wake up whit a wet and soggy diaper but it is totally something else to wake up to a soggy and wet diaper plus a wet bed.

The diaper is released on two sized Medium and Large. In the medium bag you find 12 diaper and when it comes to the Large you find 10 diaper in the bag.

I hope i going to be able to make the part 2 of the review every soon.

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