Izzy’s diper factory misshap

Izzy's diper factory misshapthis is a follow up picture to something I haven’t actually posted yet! wowie! But anyway, Izzy found herself falling into a tub of diaper fluff and getting sucked off to the diaper production line. She was processed and somehow turned into a diaper critter! Well, unfortunately for her the machine has detected that there’s something wrong, she doesn’t look like a normal diaper, so into the reject chute she goes, deeper into factory where who-knows-what will happen to her.

Story and order by Not_original77

Draw by tato

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/19650400/

Yes it sure looks like something is wrong whit this diaper so i can understand that the machine is going to rejects it. The the problem is this is not a diaper. Wounder what is going to happen next?

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