Foxy the elephant

Foxy the elephant
Foxy and his mother have recently watch Zootopia at the local cinema and Foxys favorite part from the movie was when Finnick was dress up like a elephant and making this cute sound. Foxy really like the tut tut sound so he giggling allot during that part of the movie and when the movie ended and he and his mother was outside of the movie Foxy spotted a elephant costume in a nearby toy shop. So Foxy convinced his mother that he wonted to be dress up like the little Fox in the movie.

So they when inside and bought the costume and after they pay for it Foxys mother take here son to a nearby changing room so she could check Foxys diaper and change him into this elephant costume right away. So now he stand here dress up like Finnick.

He try right away to make this cute tut tut sound but it sound more like he is farting or something when use his mouth instead of his nose. So all the way home he try to get it right. You bet they get allot of attentions on the way home.

Draw by Fangthefox

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