Little Baby Powder Scent

Little Baby Powder Scent

Baby Diaper Powder scent much like Johnson and Johnson.

Concentrated fragrance oil for diluted usage in for example: soap (max. 3%), washing diapers, pot pourri, joss sticks, incense burners

For external usage only, may cause irritation or an allergic skin reaction.

If you want to use Little Baby Powder Scent in your diaper, make sure to test for an allergic reaction first.

If no signs of skin irritation, usage of only a few drops should be enough to give your diapers a great baby powder scent that brings back memories.

30 ml (1 oz) per bottle (with handy pipette for easy drops)

This Little Baby Powder Scent bottle can be order from ABDLFactory for only €12 and if you bay 3 bottles or more the price is €10.00 instead :)

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