Diaper Changes Are So Inconvenient

Diaper Changes Are So InconvenientAnd… this is how an average day goes. Dodger tattles on Caiden, he gets a cookie while his friend gets spanked, then he gets his diaper checked, and to finish with a much needed diaper change! Poor Dodger does not look very impressed. It’s not that he hates diaper changes; he loves being cleaned! However, he loathes getting changed after he made sure Caiden got his… especially now that that smug little brat is smirking at him.

Dodger @ ChildOfPhoenix

Caiden, Mike and story by tugscarebear

Art by Tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19519514/

No Dodger sure dont look to be very impressed now when he is lying on the changing pad and waiting on a clean diaper. But it is not very nice of Caiden to have that sort of face now after his spanking. But i bet this feels like some sort of revenge for him to see Dodger get his messy diaper changed right after his spanking.

This is a very cute end to this story :)

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