Along Came A Tattletale

Along Came A Tattletale“Misser Mike!” Dodger yells loudly, pointing at his friend, Caiden, “Caiden is stealing cookies!”

Caiden, completely taken aback, looks at his friend who had JUST sworn he would not tattle in shock.

Caiden and story by tugscarebear

The little blue stinker that is tattling on Caiden is ChildOfPhoenix new character named Dodger.

Draw by tato

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Poor little Caiden when Mike come to check out what his naughty little son is up to and find his paws inside the cookie jar he is going to be in some very big trouble.

I really like the expression in Caidens face in this drawing. He look to be pretty worry right now when Dodger screams about what he is doing in the cookie jar.

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