PCA – Big Bouncy Baby Bunny

PCA - Big Bouncy Baby BunnyTo any casual observer the chubby, adorable little pichu, dressed in shorts and a t shirt, walking along the tiled floor of the mall was a lost child, probably a 4 or 5 year old, who’d gotten separated from his mommy, daddy, or whoever was supposed to be watching him. Andrew Baros, the pichu in question was actually 14 years old and was painfully aware that this was all people would see when they noticed him which was exactly why he was hurrying along as fast as he could before someone hauled him off to mall security or the mall daycare… again. He wasn’t sure why his aunt had asked him to meet her at the food court… but Aunt Vesta was one of the few members of his dad’s extended family Andrew liked so he hadn’t had the heart to complain about location choice. Especially since Vesta, along with the rest of the extended family on his dad’s side, rarely if ever left the Baros Villa… making her sudden visit a surprise on multiple levels and leaving Andrew too curious about what she wanted to talk to him about to think of much else.

Andrew paused, worried he might have made a wrong turn, to check where he was on one of the malls “You are here” maps. He was only mildly put at ease when it confirmed that this was indeed part of the mall he’d been through several times before (with an escort usually) as he realized what store he was right next to. Unable to resist the compulsion to look the pichu turned to glance at the small store to his right. The sign above the otherwise plain looking store was written in a cutesy script that said “Precious Moments” while blown up photos of kids, from infants to pre-schoolers, in various cute outfits and scenes filled the windows to get customers attention. Despite the obvious catering to much younger children Andrew had been to that photo studio several times… just recently much to his embarrassment. It was one of those embarrassing things he had to deal with due to his appearance… the pichu would just as soon not linger near the store. Before he could toddle away Andrew noticed somebody familiar standing inside the store. A large miltank woman was there at the studio’s counter standing in a pose of exasperation with an expression to match as she looked at her wristwatch. Unfortunately for Andrew he recognize the lady in question from one of his more recent mall visits.

Her name was Agnetha Connell, the mother of one of the PCA’s little freshmen bullies (a larvitar by the name of Nicky), and one of several people Andrew had met who was incredibly skilled at babying and cooing him to the point the pichu felt almost like she regressed him to a real toddler. All his common sense and reason told him to turn on his heels and toddle away as fast as he could… but the worried and upset expression on her face made that nearly impossible for the soft hearted baby mouse. Sighing, his ears drooped, Andrew, against his better judgment, toddled into the store, right up to the miltank, and gently tugged on the edge of her dress to get her attention.

Turning her head the miltank blinked in confusion, but her expression softened into a surprised smile when she saw the pichu. Leaning forwards, her hands on her knees, she cooed down to him “Andrew, sweetie! It’s been a while! Are you with your mommy or with your dear babysitter?” The babysitter part referred to Maddie, his team’s coach, who Agnetha had met during Andrew’s last encounter with her. Already kicking himself mentally for this the electric type shook his head “I-I’m m-meeting m-my aunt actually… chuuuu…” he squeaked, pausing for a moment to work up the courage to ask his next question and deal with the can of worms it might open “W-why do y-you looks s-so upset? Chuuu… d-did something happen?”

The miltank just smiled and gently stroked Andrew’s chin, making his ears twitch as he blushed in embarrassment… though his naturally pink cheeks hid this, as she answered “Oh, it’s nothing you need to worry about, just part of being a mother to a little troublemaker…” she explained… which immediately made Andrew let out an almost silent, knowing sigh as he asked “W-what did N-Nicky do now…?” Agnetha let out a much more noticeable sigh as she knelt down in front of Andrew before starting to gently stroke the sides and back of his head with one hand “He’s gone off somewhere right when we had our appointment here.” She explained to the small pichu “I already got the numbers of the arcade parlor and videogame shop, none of those places have seen him and there’s no time for me to look around every floor and store…” she trailed off with another sigh as Andrew fidgeted at the stroking, unable to keep himself from asking the obvious question “A-an appointment?”

“Yes, for our photoshoot- well, his photoshoot.” Agnetha paused to correct herself before continuing “We scheduled it weeks ago, everything was set and ready…we would have had a precious set of pictures for the family album… frankly I don’t know why I believed he would go with it without a single complaint… I guess I still want to believe I have a little angel…” the miltank trailed off again. Knowing vaguely what kind of “photoshoots” this studio did Andrew could kind of see why a teen wouldn’t want to be part of one… but still Agnetha sounded sad enough he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her “Chuuu…” his ears drooped, betraying his emotions “S-sorry…” A light smile returned to Agnetha’s face as she gently cuddled Andrew close to her “Don’t be, dearie. If anything, seeing you makes me feel happy to know not all parents have to go through this… it does make me a bit jealous I guess, but can you blame Auntie for wanting a sweet cherub just like you?” she cooed alongside the cuddle as Andrew managed to blush enough for it to be noticeable as he squeaked out a little “Chuuuuuuuu…”

Still cuddling the pichu Agnetha got to her feet, lifting Andrew up as she went “You know” she spoke up, her smile now being contemplative “I wouldn’t mind giving Nicky’s spot to you to keep our reservation from going to waste…” Andrew meanwhile squeaked out a surprised and perplexed sounding “Chu?” at being scooped up… and at what she’d just said. The miltank laughed a little, giving him a doting smile “Oh, don’t be surprised baby, spoiling an actual little angel is nothing short of a pleasure~ Wouldn’t your mommy and auntie enjoy pictures of their adorable baby smiling and enjoying himself?” she asked as Andrew opened his mouth to try and argue, something he was already very bad at, and just let it hang open for a moment. He couldn’t think of any reason his mom or aunt wouldn’t enjoy those photos… and there was how happy the idea had made Agnetha to consider as well…

Which made it far too much for the little, soft-hearted pichu to refuse as he blushed and fished his toy-like cell phone out of his pocket “L-let me c-call my a-aunt, chuuu…” he squeaked quietly, already regretting what he was probably getting into “L-let her k-know where I a-am a-and that I’ll b-be late…” Agnetha looked surprised for a moment, then nodded as she set the pichu back on his feet “Oh my…sorry, I forgot you were supposed to meet with her. Make sure she’s okay with it, I wouldn’t want to interrupt anything you two had planned, okay?” Andrew just nodded weakly as he dialed his aunt’s cell phone number. He kept the conversation quiet so, combined with him being so low to the ground, Agnetha couldn’t overhear but after a few minutes it was done and he hung up.

Turning back to look up at Agnetha Andrew could feel his pink cheek circles getting bigger with blush as he timidly squeaked out “Chuuuu… c-can y-you wait a few minutes… m-my aunt…” he paused, full realization of what he’d gotten into washing over him “… s-she wants to c-come h-help and watch t-the shoot… chuuu…” Andrew finally managed to choke out as Agnetha just chuckled and smiled in amusement “Well, that I didn’t expect…not that I can blame her. I’ll ask the clerk then.” She said, turning to do that, her mood having visibly improved… and Andrew was struggling to hide how his mood had fallen since his good nature had gotten him into trouble… again.


While they waited for Andrew’s aunt to arrive Agnetha amused the little cherub by showing him the various photos the studio had put up along the walls, particularly an adorable picture of a little stunky boy in a sailor suit with a boat/navy themed setting. It was hard to tell how old the child was but if she had to guess he was probably 3 or so judging by the diaper bulge under the outfit… though Agnetha couldn’t help but wonder how Andrew would look in the same costume. Finally setting the pichu down the miltank looked up as she heard someone step into the doorway of the studio. She briefly wondered if the woman had run since the foodcourt was a good eight to ten minutes away and she’d arrived in just under five… but that question was answered as soon as she laid eyes on Andrew’s aunt.

The huge snorlax woman in question almost completely filled the doorway to the studio and stood somewhere around eight to ten feet tall. She was a combination of slightly developed muscle and soft curvy figure that gave a huge impression overall despite her wearing fairly simple, loose clothing…that brought to mind what little Agnetha knew of greek and roman fashion styles. The woman might have looked intimidating to some with her size and build but she was sporting a broad, warm smile on her face… that just got broader as Andrew toddled right up to her. An adorable scene followed as she scooped the pichu up and rubbed noses with him. Andrew squeaked and giggled like a little toddler in response. For her part Agnetha didn’t really react to the woman’s size… but she smiled as she watched and contemplated the scene between the snorlax and the pichu. An embarrassing, jealous thought crossing her mind as part of Agnetha wished it was her and her precious little Nicky like it used to be.

The adorable scene continued as the snorlax moved the baby sized, comparatively anyway, pichu to her shoulder and held him there steady with one hand as Andrew leaned forward and whispered into her ear, probably explaining the situation judging by the woman’s nodding along and looking over to Agnetha. After a few moments of this the snorlax deftly moved Andrew down to a gentle single arm cradle, from experience Agnetha recognized it as the kind used for infants, and strode over to the miltank. “My names Vesta, Vesta Baros.” She said, her voice deep (as expected for her size) but gentle with the slightest hint of an accent Agnetha didn’t recognize “It’s a pleasure to meet you and my adorable little squeaker of a nephew says you need a cute little cherub for a photo shoot~?” she asked, her tone and expression making her amusement and interest in the situation obvious, as she offered Agnetha a large hand to shake.

Without missing a beat Agnetha smiled back and gently shook the offered hand, Vesta’s grip being strong as expected but gentle enough not to hurt as the snorlax’s hands were surprisingly soft. The miltank nodded “A pleasure, Ms. Baros. I’m Agnetha Connell, and your little squeaker is more or less correct, I had a timeslot reserved and offered it to him since my son, well… stood me up.” She explained, pausing to try and find the right way to describe little Nicky running off on her. “I see, sounds like someone has earned themselves sometime in the corner with a spanked bottom…” Vesta said, as Agnetha internally winced a little “Anyway as Andrew’s aunt and acting guardian here I’d be more than happy to have him take that reservation since he’s already given his okay to the idea.”

“Tried spanking already…felt horrible, didn’t have much of a long term effect.” Agnetha said with a sigh remembering having to discipline Nick last time “I guess there’s no such thing as a universal solution. Also thank you for going with it, I’m sure Andrew will provide some very precious shots for your family to keep and enjoy~” she finished her sentence by lightly tickling under the pichu’s chin as Andrew giggle and his cheeks got even more adorably pink. Vesta just smiled at this, lowering Andrew a little to let Agnetha reach easier “So, what kind of photo shoot did you reserve? Andrew said he didn’t know so you can fill both of us in… and he likes it when his ear tips are stroked~” the snorlax added, a grin on her face. “Oh, I must try that~!” Agnetha gushed as she softly checked Andrew’s ear tips with her fingers… she was delighted to find they twitched adorably at her touch as the fur there was as babyishly and velvety soft as an infants.

Smiling as she continued to stroke Andrew’s ear tips, the pichu let out soft “chuuuuuuuu” sounds and blushing as she did so, Agnetha looked back to Vesta “It’s just a cute holiday special. Easter is coming close and little ones all over town can get a round of playing the Easter bunny.” She explained as the snorlax grinned at the idea “Ooooooooh~? May I ask what this entails?” Agnetha chuckled “From what I’ve seen, they have a bunny costume and kiddie makeup~ Maybe you’d like to ask the clerks to show you pics of other little ones~?” she asked, motioning towards the counter… as Vesta smile and pointed with her free hand “Hmmmm… you mean like that?” the snorlax said, Agnetha glancing where she was pointing to see a clerk just finishing putting up a new portrait on the wall…

A portrait which showed an adorable, shiny Mew toddler girl sporting a cute set of footed bunny jammies worn over an obviously thick diaper. The jammies even had a cute hood complete with fake bunny ears on top which the girl was wearing with a little puff of soft blond hair sticking out from underneath. The toddler was sitting in a large, fake grass filled Easter basket and giving a big, adorable grin up at the camera creating an absolutely precious image any mother would coo over. Which is exactly what Agnetha did as her eyes went wide with surprise at seeing the portrait “* Oh dear, that very one! My, that baby is cute enough to give your little squeaker competition…not that I think this sweetie would have trouble winning~” she gushed, stroking the little cherub’s ears a little more confidently as Andrew blushed and squirmed softly, making “Chuuuuuuu” noises with each stroke.

Seeing her nephew was getting squirmy under all the attention Vesta chuckled and gently sat him down… on the soft, city patterned play rug set up with toys and games in the corner (something to keep kids busy in case they have to wait for their photo shoot). “He’s getting a little squirmy, don’t worry he’ll behave while we talk~” the snorlax assured Agnetha as Andrew, as sweet and well behaved as ever, politely and quietly sat down on one of the provided chairs in the play area, a little plastic one meant for kindergartners that fit him fine, and waited. Standing back up Vesta smiled “Now, is there any other details about this shoot I need to know?” she asked as Agnetha watched Andrew for a minute more, wishing her little one could be as well behaved when they went out, before answering “Not that I know of…actually there is one thing, sweet baby might not be very happy about it though…” she said, pausing halfway through before she remembered what the clerks had explained to her and Nicky before he’d run off.

“Oh? What is that?” Vesta asked as Agnetha took a soft breath before summing up the long explanation the clerk had told her to the snorlax “The studio has had a couple issues with older kids having accidents and putting the affected costumes out of commission. We both know little Andrew doesn’t have any potty issues, but from what they explained costumes sometimes get tricky to unzip, so they instated a “diapers on” policy to make sure the shoot goes smoothly and the children risk no accidents.” When the miltank had finished Vesta looked contemplative “Hmmmm… I see…” she said softly, looking like she was thinking it over for a few long moments before finally nodding “* I think Andrew would understand that, but if you don’t mind I’d like to handle dressing him, it’d be less embarrassing for him than a stranger doing it.” She added… which made Agnetha chuckle softly as remembered the last time she’d met Andrew at the mall and the play area’s rules “Actually I have looked after sweet little Andrew before, diaper included” she said, still smiling at the memory “but I can understand if you would rather handle the task yourself.”

“Oh? You have… I’m sure that’s an interesting story~ You’ll have to share sometime…” Vesta said with a smile “and I’m sure we can work together on it then… admittedly it’s been a while since I’ve changed a diaper.” She added, rubbing the back of her head softly and looking a touch embarrassed. Agnetha just chuckled softly at that “Not to brag but I changed plenty in my time, my two sons included. Every so often there’s little tweaks to them but in general it’s a skill hard to forget.” Vesta nodded at that, still looking a touch embarrassed, before speaking up again Most of my past experience comes from babysitting back at the villa, Andrew and Jane included when they visit or when I visit them, no kids of my own yet I’m afraid… but anyway it sounds like this should work out just fine~ Now, how do we begin?” she asked, motioning Andrew to come over as the pichu obediently and dutifully toddled to his aunts side… and blushed as the snorlax brushed his ear tips lightly.

“We let the news sink, make sure he’s okay with it of course.” Agnetha answered before leaning forward to get closer to Andrew “Sweetie, are you ready to get in costume for the photoshoot?” The pichu fidgeted nervously before timidly answering “Chuuu… u-uh huh.” As it looked like he was resisting the urge to hug his aunt’s leg for comfort. Of course his big, innocent looking, blue eyes just naturally seemed to conveyed an adorable shy/scared appearance so that might just be normal for him. Either way Agnetha smiled at him “You’re so dependable, dearie~!” she cooed, blowing a kiss on his forehead, before moving to the part she was worried about “Now, the kind people here have a few rules to make sure all goes smoothly and you can take home your precious pictures to share with mommy and daddy, and one of those rules is that you have to wear diapers under the costume, would you be okay with that, sweetheart?”

Andrew stood there looking at Agnetha for a moment after she finished her explanation before asking a simple question in a surprisingly flat tone of voice “W-why?” but it was Vesta who answered, speaking up before Agnetha could. “Apparently there’s been some accidents with little ones not being able to get the costumes off in times and having…” the snorlax paused as she visibly groped for the right word to use before she shrugged and continued “Well… accidents. So they made that rule.” She finished as Andrew’s ears drooped a little “Oh…. chuuuuuuuuuuuu…” his cheeks got visibly pinker as he drew out that squeak before he timidly mumbled “ O-okay I g-guess…” His cute, embarrassed face more than enough to motivate Agnetha to gently coo at him “Poor sweetie… don’t be ashamed, you’re still a big boy even if your undies get thicker, okay?” as she gently tickled under one of his large ears… making the pichu giggle adorably before actually trying to hide behind his aunt’s thick leg.

Vesta chuckled warmly as she looked down “He’s done that whenever he’s around me, ever since he could stand up on his own~” she cooed, an affectionate smile on her face “Apparently I’m good to hide behind when he’s embarrassed or overwhelmed~” Cooing over the scene Agnetha couldn’t help but ask the first question that came to mind “May I guess it’s still as adorable as day one?” prompting another chuckle from Vesta as she nodded “Of course, though I’ll have to share a photo of how Andrew looked back then with you later~ You won’t believe how precious he was~” It was Agnetha’s turn to chuckle this time as she smiled confidently “Try me, I’ve seen plenty of adorable, especially back when I was active.” Earning a raised eyebrow of curiosity as Vesta asked the obvious question “Active?”

“Before motherhood, I worked in a GH as a nurse midwife, so I oversaw my fair share of deliveries, newborns and early controls.” Agnetha explained, smiling warmly as she did so “So dealing with little ones…you could say it takes me back.” Vesta nodded, a slight grin on her face “I see…” she suddenly scooped Andrew up and nuzzled the squeaking pichu affectionately “I’ll be eager to see how Andrew stacks up compared to all that~” she cooed as Andrew settled down enough to cuddle her back as she moved to cradle him “For now lets get him ready~” Agnetha smiled and nodded in agreement “Oh, believe me, he IS a strongly adorable contender~” she commented before turning to let the clerk know they’d be getting Andrew ready for the shoot themselves and to ask where the changing room was.


Changing room turned out to be a good word for it actually since a large changing table, more than big enough for Andrew and three other little ones his size to fit on comfortably, was the biggest piece of furniture filling the spacious, pastel red colored room. Beyond that a few stools and clothing hangers took up some space alongside a long mirror across one wall, The final touch was the various cartoon character cutouts (including such classics as Bernie the Purple Dragonite) decorating the wall opposite to mirror to amuse the kids brought in to change. Vesta wasted no time walking over and gently laying her little nephew on the changing table though before bending down to dig around underneath it “Hmmmm… they were right, they do have quite a selection down here…” as Andrew sat on the edge of the table, his chubby legs dangling over the side, instead of laying on it. Apparently preserving what little big boy-ness he had for however long he could as he blushed and whined softly with a soft “Chuuuuuuuu…” which trailed off into an adorable, surprised squeak of “CHU!” as his aunt suddenly out an exclamation of “Ah-ha!”

The snorlax smiled as she pulled out an already open package of diapers, obviously meant for older, chubby toddlers “I think these’ll fit him just fine.” She said, showing them to Agnetha as the miltank chuckled and nodded while laying the bunny outfit the clerks had given her on the table just out of Andrew’s reach “Oh, might be a mall policy I guess~ The play zone is well prepared like that too, just ask our little star~” she cooed, setting the child safe make-up and brushes next to the outfit as Vesta chuckled and commented “I would, but he’s blushing too hard to talk right now~” before pulling out more changing supplies as Andrew just sat there blushing helplessly like his aunt had said.

“All the more it adds to his adorableness~” Agnetha commented, making Vesta chuckle“Anyway lets get started.” the snorlax said as she finished setting the last of the changing supplies on the table… and with deft fingers easily tugged Andrew’s shorts down and right off his chubby legs as the pichu squeaked in surprise, caught completely off guard. Agnetha paused to admire how Andrew’s cheeks managed to get even pinker for a moment before reaching for his shirt and gently rolling it up over his tummy “Arms up~! Like when you want upsies~!” she cooed to Andrew as the adorably, helplessly obedient pichu did as she asked, holding his arms up for her and shutting his eyes as she pulled it up over his head… which caused him to miss his aunt easily sliding his brightly colored underoos down his chubby legs. At least until the he was lightly hoisted up by his ankles as Vesta finished tugging them off, Andrew letting out another squeak as they were removed.

Will a small tug Agentha pulled Andrew’s t shirt off, leaving Andrew in nothing but his birthday suit as the miltank set the shirt to the side and took a moment to dote on the pudgy baby. “Aw, what a precious tummy we’ve got here~” she cooed, lightly tickling the pichu’s stomach as Vesta smiled “Yes it is~ But his dad IS a snorlax and you could say our stomachs are our best feature~” she said, her tone a mix of joking and pride as she joined in the cooing and lightly stroked Andrew’s exposed tummy with one finger… the pichu let out a whimper of “Chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…” while covering his crotch with his paw and blushing in embarrassment.

“Now, would you care to do the honors since you’ve got the most experience with it?” Vesta asked, stepping back to let Agnetha take charge. “My pleasure~ And darling” the miltank said, stepping in front of Andrew and gently pushing the pichu’s body down into a laying position with one hand her other hand steadily supporting his head, before smiling to Vesta and continuing “this is a tummy to be proud of~” Meanwhile Andrew squeaked and squirmed as Agnetha laid him back before timidly hugging his arms to his chest and looking up to the miltank timidly as his aunt gently stroked his eat tips to calm him. “Well speaking as his aunt I can say I’m proud of it… so are his parents… but we’re proud of all the rest of him too~” Vesta cooed in a doting tone as Agnetha gave Andrew’s round tummy one more rub before lifting the pichu by his ankles and sliding the diaper under him like an infant.

“That’s not hard to believe~” the miltank said, completely unfazed by Andrew squeaking and flailing his arms lightly when she lifted him by the ankles… she’d dealt with real fussy babies before and even doing that Andrew was still a well behaved little angel. The fussing slowly died down, albeit reluctantly, as Vesta cooed at her nephew and stroked his ears before she turned her attention back to Agnetha “Yep, he and his sister are their parents pride and joy… mine too~ Such a sweet and kind little squeaker~” She cooed, softly nuzzling Andrew and keeping his attention on her while Agnetha still had the pichu lifted by his ankle, adorably chubby bottom on display. An adorably chubby bottom she was now sprinkling with baby powder as she blinked a little, realizing what Vesta had said “Oh? So this cutie has a sister~? Someone’s full of surprises it seems~” she cooed, directing the second comment to Andrew as she continued to powder him.

Vesta nodded “Yes, Jane his twin sister… fraternal twin.” she added, gently fanning some of the excess powder away from Andrew’s face “Was quite a surprise for everyone when his mother gave birth to a pichu then a munchlax~” Agnetha blinked as it took a few moments for her mind to process this new info, the miltank powdering Andrew on autopilot the whole while, before remembering to lay him down (a small cloud of talcum poofing up as Andrew’s butt touched down on the diaper) and lightly powder the pichu’s front. “Well… I think I’d be surprised too…” the miltank finally said “That must be quite the story since I never knew of twins in incompatible combinations.” She admitted, having never seen something like that happen back when she was an active midwife. Vesta nodded, still fanning the excess powder away from her nephew’s face “Yep, it was a surprise… if I remember how I was told the doctors said it, it was not impossible just incredibly unlikely verging on impossible…”

She paused to gently rub Andrew’s tummy as the blushing pichu looked away, his ears drooping some, before letting out a cute little sneeze at all the powder in the air. Turning her attention back to Agnetha Vesta continued “But we were just glad they were born healthy… or at least, as healthy as could be expected given the circumstances…” The miltank nodded, having more than enough experience to understand the situation and sympathizes “Aw, poor little ones~” she cooed softly before pulling the diaper up over Andrew and tapping it on him snuggly “Sounds like they’ve had a rough time.” She added, gently rolling Andrew over to thread his tail through the elasticized hole in the diaper’s back before checking for any leaks. “Yes, but they’re strong little cuties and they’ve had lots of support growing up~” Vesta said, turning away to ready the bunny suit as Agnetha did that.

Agnetha gently turned Andrew back over and paused a moment to appreciate how positively infantile the pichu looked in just a thick diaper spreading his legs out like an infant as Andrew lay there, looking down at his new undies in embarrassment. “It’s not easy to believe such a soft little body could house a strong little heart, but from this sweetie I can~” she cooed, nuzzling Andrew’s chubby tummy before picking him up and letting him stand on the changing table… keeping one hand on the back of his diapered bottom to steady him. Something that proved to be a good call as the Pichu wobbled unsteadily thanks to how far apart the diaper spread his legs, Andrew having to lean against Agnetha’s hand for support to keep from falling over. The pichu let out an embarrassed whine of “Chuuuuuuuuuu…” struggling to remain standing… Vesta suddenly spoke up as she held the bunny jammies out for Andrew “That’s my brave little nephew~ Help him lift his leg please and we’ll see if we can make a brave little bunny out of him~” she cooed, looking to Agnetha.

“You heard Auntie Vesta, baby~” Agnetha cooed, using her free hand to gently hold one of Andrew’s paw while she held his padded tushie with the other as the pichu blushed and whined but shakily lifted one of his chubby legs up like they’d asked. Humming playfully Vesta slipped one leg of the jammies onto Andrew and made sure it fit before cooing “Okay~ You can put your leg down squeaker, and then raise your other one~” to him, the snorlax getting into the little game of babying Andrew for the moment. Once his leg was down and steady Agnetha switched her hands around so she was holding his other paw while still keeping his padded rear supported as the pichu squeaked and wobbled during the switch. “Relax, sweetie~” she cooed reassuringly to him “Auntie Agnetha is making sure you don’t fall~” which got what might have been a thank you from Andrew… but due to how embarrassed he was it was too mumbled and squeaky to make out despite sounding absolutely precious.

Either way the unsteady pichu lifted his other leg up letting Vesta slip the footed jammies on his lower half fully now as the snorlax took a moment to make sure they were on snuggly before cooing to her nephew “There~ Now you can put your foot down squeakers~” Once Andrew had done so she moved her large hand behind him, easily cupping it around his back and bottom as she took over supporting him from Agnetha. “Would you like to do our little bunny’s make-up or should I?” she asked, smiling to the miltank. Waiting till she was sure Vesta could keep the baby steady Agnetha finally slipped her hand out from behind Andrew and smiled back “How about you finish suiting him up and I turn his adorable face into an adorable bunny face?” she offered, turning to retrieve the make-up and other supplies as Vesta nodded “Sounds perfect~” the snorlax cooed before getting to work gently and deftly fastening the sleeper up snuggly on Andrew. Meanwhile the pichu fidgeted and watched Agnetha nervously, obviously dreading what she was going to do to his face.

Pulling rubber gloves onto her hands Agnetha smiled to the pichu before gently slipping a hand under Andrew’s chin and lifting both of his chubby cheeks “Aw, you’re even cuter like this! Pity I need gloves to your cheeks.” she cooed softly “Now stay put sweetie~” the miltank added as Andrew’s lips quivered for only a moment before he simply shut his eyes tight and tried to hold his expression. Agnetha could only smile wistfully “Mmm… if only my boy was this obedient…” she said softly while gently painting Andrew’s face with a nice smelling white powder. Being extra careful as she spread it with the brush, working to avoid the pichu’s little nose… which twitched cutely at the smell.

“Andrew has always been an obedient little boy…” Vesta commented softly as she worked to button up the lower half of the jammies properly before quietly adding “A little much for his own good… but that’s part of his charm.” As Agnetha just nodded in response “I could tell~” she cooed as she finished powdering Andrew’s face and gently used her gloved thumb to wipe the dust off Andrew’s big pink, pichu cheek circles… which lightly sparked at being brushed. Luckily between the fact the gloves were rubber and the sparks were as weak as the sparks the fussy newborn electric types the miltank had handled in the past Agnetha was unhurt. Not that this kept Andrew from letting out an embarrassed sounding “Chuuuuu” over that reflex.

“It’s okay baby, that was the last cheek fiddling~” Agnetha cooed, reassuring Andrew as she set the brush down and picked up some eyeliner to replace it before gently drawing the outline of a muzzle on the white powder. “Hmmmmmmmmm, now comes the wiskers…” she said, pausing to look Andrew over thoughtfully “but they don’t really suit you… oh, I know!” the miltank chirped, smiling as she uses the eyeliner to paint three black dots on each side of Andrew’s new “Muzzle”. Having just finished slipping into the sleeves of mittens of the bunny jammies Vesta paused to admired Agnetha’s handiwork as the snorlax nodded approvingly “Yes, that suits him perfectly~”

Smiling as she put away the eyeliner and powder Angetha pulled out one more item “And for the finishing touch~” she chirped before gently plugging a carrot themed pacifier into the pichu’s mouth. Pausing to admire how it somehow made Andrew’s cheeks even more adorably chubby before looking to Vesta and asking “Think it’s too much?” The snorlax paused from fastening up the buttons on the pajamas and considered “Hmmm… maybe…” taking a moment to fasten the last button she looked her nephew in the eyes “Are you okay with it squeakers?” she asked gently. “Chuuuuuuuu” was the only answer she got, alongside several adorably noisy sucks as Andrew ended up nursing the pacifier as he tried to get used to it, before the pichu finally managed to lisp out “Y-yeus…?” around his new accessory.

“Alright then…” Vesta said, obviously unconvinced that Andrew was actually okay with it and not just going along with them. But she didn’t press the idea and once she pulled the hood of the pajamas up over the pichu’s head and made sure it was properly snug over his ears this concern vanished. A broad smile crossed the snorlax’s face as she looked at the adorable baby bunny before her “Absolutely precious~” she cooed as Agentha joined her in that opinion, gushing “D’aaaaaaaaaaw~ Precious is the right word for him~” as she doted on the pichu, who helplessly suckled his pacifier as Vesta lowered him to sit on the changing table. Gently plopped on his diapered bottom the thick padded spread Andrew’s legs adorably as he timidly held his mitten clads hands in front of him, unintentionally taking an even cuter pose, while looking up at the two ladies nervously.

“Such a cute baby bunny~” Vesta cooed, absolutely adoring the pacifier sucking baby in front of her as the fact he was her teen nephew was momentarily lost on the snorlax. “He definitely is~” Agnetha nodded, throwing the gloves away as she finished putting away the rest of the supplies “Ready for the photoshoot now~?” she asked as Vesta gently scooped Andrew up and cradled him before nodding “I think he is~ Lets get going~” she said, following Agnetha and carrying her baby nephew out of the changing room. Andrew barely managing a weak “Chuuuuuuuu” as he sucked his pacifier, being carried off to his adorable doom.


“Y-you’re moving to V-Viridian!? Chuuuuuuuuu!!”

“Yep~ That’s the big surprise I wanted to share~ It took me a long while to save up the money at the Villa without the main family noticing but I finally pulled together enough to get an apartment in the city… one I actually fit in even~”

“… a-are you s-sure you’re going to be okay chuuuuuu? H-how will y-you make m-money…?”

“I’ve got a couple odd-jobs to start off with till I can get steady work… that’s why I’m telling you first, I don’t want to worry your mother with this or have her try and make a place for me to work in her business.”

“Chuuuu… I-I see… g-got one more q-question… chuuu…”


“W-why d-did you l-let h-her talk you into l-leaving m-me in this c-costume, chuuuuuu….”

“Well, Agnetha did have a point… you’re very hard to recognize in this outfit and with the make-up, so unless you run into a really close friend you should be okay. Besides, I have your clothes right here along with the photos. I was going to show you my apartment anyway, you can change there alright?”

“D-did you h-have to let h-her buy it? Chuuuuuu…”

“Too be fair I didn’t find out they were willing to sell the outfits till Agnetha had gone and bought it as a present for you.”

“Chuuuuuuuuuuuu… o-okay… w-where did s-she go anyway?”

“She said she had something to do concerning her son… ah, here she is!”

“Sorry I made you two wait, I had to make some arrangements.” Agnetha said, the miltank smiling as she walked over to the foodcourt table Andrew and Vesta were sitting at (well, Vesta was sitting, Andrew was sitting on her lap) with the results of the photoshoot sitting on the table in front of the snorlax. “Arrangements?” Vesta managed to ask… before the blare of the mall loudspeaker came on getting her attention along with most everybody else in the mall. “Attention mall shoppers.” the voice said, slightly distorted by the loudspeaker but still clear enough to understand “We have a message here from one of our shoppers who has gotten separated from her young son.” it explained before there was another crackle on the speaker… and Agnetha’s voice, obviously pre-recorded, starts to play.

“Nicky? This is your mommy over reception. Anybody out there, if you see a little larvitar boy with light brown hair in a page cut, all on his own, please take him to the daycare area. I’ll pick him up as soon as I get there. My Nicky is hard to keep in one place, so be sure to get a firm hold of him, if you can carry him even better. Thank you.”

There was a momentary silence as the message finished and Agnetha sat at the table, smiling slightly. The miltank spoke up before Vesta or Andrew could question her though “I also had some instructions relayed to the daycare for when Nicky is dropped off there.” she said, obviously less conflicted over this form of punishment that spanking “They’re to make sure he plays nicely with the other little ones, to keep an eye on him in case he act up, and to be sure and put him down for a nap since he’s skipped his and bound to be cranky~” the plump woman finished, reaching over and tickling Andrew’s chin lightly before adding “Maybe this will finally help teach my little one to behave a little more, like Andrew here~” she cooed as the pichu squeaked and giggled at the tickles, crinkling as he squirmed.

“Well, it’ll be something he won’t forget anytime soon…” Vesta said… unsure what more to add. Luckily Agnetha seemed more than happy to change topics as she smiled down at the pictures, spreading them out on the table to get a better look “Ooooooo, Andrew is just precious~ I don’t know which is sweeter, the one with our little bunny in the easter basket or the one with him playing with the egg themed rattle~” she cooed, making Vesta chuckle as the snorlax gently bounced her nephew on her lap while point to another photo “The easter egg themed cradle picture was adorable too though~” she mentioned as both woman happily shared and debated opinions over which baby photo was the cutest…

Leaving Andrew to whine and suck his pacifier like a good toddler as he was bounced on his aunt’s knee… his ears twitching under the bunny ears of the hood as the pichu could swear he just barely heard the whines and squeals of a larvitar getting his comeuppance somewhere further in the mall, probably near the daycare.

The End & Happy Easter

Andrew, Vesta and story by The_Lost_One
Agnetha & Nicky owned and drawing bytakinoue

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/19504485/

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