Summer Punishment Chapter 3 And 4

Story is written by DLglasgow

Chapter 3

We moved off towards the first section whose title read ‘Enforced Education’ with the subtitle ‘For underachievers’. I looked over to my sister and she was very pale with a look on her face that mimicked how I felt inside. I wasn’t sure if I should cry, be angry or run away but I quickly reminded myself of my mother’s warning and that I didn’t want to make this any worst for myself.

Before we reached the entrance to this section my mother stopped obviously reading the sign before turning around and gesturing towards another section across the hall. “Of all the things you two have done, lucky underachieving isn’t one” she muttered as she pushed forward.

The next section read ‘Manual labour – for lazy teens’ again as we approached my mother stopped deciding this also was inappropriate. This process continued as we moved deeper into the hall, reading the titles as we went I noticed that it seemed the punishments systems were getting more severe. ‘Corporal punishment and chastity’ my father read aloud as me and Lucy gasped aloud.

You wouldn’t have believed my relief when as like the others before, we walked straight past. I was starting to hope that maybe my parents would decide that none of these systems suited and that we would go home and I would be grounded like my past punishments. This however turned out to be a false hope, as just then my mother started moving purposefully towards the sign that read ‘Dependency & Regression – Both preventative and punishment’.

I wasn’t sure what Regression meant but I definitely didn’t like the sound of that. Lucy’s walking pace had slowed and talking the cue followed suit. “Do you know what that means” she said pointing to the sign

“No, you?” I replied

“Not sure… I thought it meant getting younger but… it can’t be….” she said

“Well were going to find out soon enough”

“Hannah, Lucy, get over here” my mum shouted across the hall

People were turning around and blushing I speed walked over to the large counter where they both were stood with Lucy hot on my heels.

Chapter 4

Arriving at the counter I stood next to my parents as the woman behind began to speak after obviously waiting for us to arrive.

“So have you decided on this correction plan already or would you like me to talk you through it?”

“Talk us through it please?” replied my mother quickly

“Well, the principle is pretty simple really and has been developed recently but the results so far have been outstanding. It does however require you to have an open mind and it’s not for all parents…”

I was already worried but my mother nodded prompting her to continue.

“So the idea of this system is to regress your teenagers to an age or state where they were more dependent upon you. This then rebuilds their respect for you while providing a deterrent for them not to misbehave. It’s like having a second shot at bringing them up.”

I was taken aback but still was struggle to see what she meant. How would they make us more dependent on our parents? This thought was punctured however by my father blurting out “Sounds perfect! But how does it actually work?”

“Well that depends, on the level you choose. We have five running from level 1 for teenagers who need a minor reminder all the way to level 5 for out of control teens.”

“Now without me telling you about each level where would you place your two girls? I expect they are both to receive correction?”

“Yes they both are; for Lucy here pointing at my sister I would say a 2 while Hannah pointer at me is probably a 3 or 4” my mother responded

“Perfect she said taking a note. Well here are the rules for each level” she said pushing over 3 pieces of paper.

My mum read the first sheet aloud:


Level 2 

Ideal for correcting ongoing but minor misbehaving or lack of respect

Correction term: 4 – 8 weeks
Parental involvement: Medium
Material cost: £20 per week

Objective: Return teen to full use of nappies with toilet out of bounds. Parental control over nappy changes with punishments for misbehaving. No or normal clothes to be worn at discretion of parent.

Base Rules:

1.      Teen must be in nappies for the whole period of punishment

2.      Nappy must be used for both wetting and messing

3.      Only parents / selected adults can change the teen

4.      Punishment for misbehaving

Configuration Options:

1.      Punishments

2.      Nappy style and capacity

3.      Length of period between changes


Mum stopped and looked over at us both.

Lucy was in tears and I however was angry and couldn’t stop myself “NO WAY! I’m not F###### going along with this” I shouted

“How dare you speak to me like that young lady! I was obviously wrong thinking level 3 would be appropriate” She replied angrily handing one of the sheets back to women

“But…” I started “No! You be quite or I will upgrade you to level 5!” She snarled back before reading aloud again.

Level 4

Ideal for correcting and punishing a major rebellion or lack of respect from a teen.

Correction term: 6 – 12 weeks
Parental involvement: High
Material cost: £45 per week

Objective: Return teen to full time baby state, with uncontrolled use of nappies, baby clothing and routines. Full parental control over all accepts of life with major punishments for misbehaving. However no confinement is used and baby talk is not required.

Base Rules:

1.      Teen must be in thick nappies for the whole period of punishment

2.      Forced wetting and messing for whole period

3.      Only parents / selected adults can change the teen

4.      Baby clothing to be worn at all times

5.      Fed baby food and milk in bottles

6.      Sleep in a crib (supplied for period)

7.      Severe punishments for misbehaving

Configuration Options:

1.      Punishments

2.      Nappy style, capacity and doublers

3.      Length of period between changes

4.      Clothing styles


I was crying now, my parents surely couldn’t go through with this. How would I cope, I can’t be a baby, I won’t! These thoughts were racing through my mind but over them all I had an overarching sense of helplessness.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit severe? I’m not so sure about this.” my dad asked my mum

“No David I think it’s perfect. Weren’t you even saying the other day how easier it was when they were younger?”

“Yes but… but… maybe your right” he said sounding beaten.

“So you want to go ahead?” The women piped up from behind the counter.

I had now managed to gain some composure, rubbing my tears away from my eyes and looking over to Lucy. She had also stopped crying, maybe realising that she had got of much more lightly than me.

My mum nodded and the woman pointed towards the nearest stand

“Great, the first stand lets you select the required nappies and you just move on through each from there. Your choices will be marked on the back of those sheets”

“Let’s get moving then, I want to be home before 3” mum said to me as she grabbed my hand

Story is written by DLglasgow

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