Playpen Blues

Playpen Blues“Bullies Get Beat” Part Eight: Playpen Blues

“Now Kyle, you’ll be set in the playpen for the rest of the day and that’s where you’ll be the rest of the week as well. They’ll only let you out if you need to go potty and for lunch time. I expect there to be NO more issues the rest of the week. Understand?” instructed Cheryl as she released Kyle to the care of the teenage helpers.

“Yes ma’am…” agreed Kyle as the councilors took him and sat him in the playpen.
Moments later Caiden happened to walk by and see his older brother wearing a diaper and sitting in the playpen with a very grumpy look on his face.

‘Now I’ve seen everything!’ thought Caiden to himself.


Kyle, Caiden and the story belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by tato

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Wounder way his mother dont force him to use the diaper now when he should be a cub again? Cubs user there diapers when they need to go potty.

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