Apologies“Bullies Get Beat” Part Seven: Apologies

Kyle soon calmed down and Cheryl led him back down the hall. They stopped by Ms. Mamoo’s class so Cheryl could explain Kyle’s situation for the rest of the week. Ms. Mamoo thought that was a great idea and led Cheryl and Kyle to the toddler classroom. Ms. Mamoo went inside first and brought Dexter over to Kyle.

“Kyle, do you have something to say to Dexter?” prompted Cheryl with her arms crossed and foot tapping.

“Erm yes, Dexter….I’m sorry for bein’ mean to you….and callin’ you names…and pushing you…and bullying you.” Mumbled Kyle as he blushed standing there in his diaper.

“Dats otay. Now you’re a ‘tinky diapee baby wike da west of us.” Replied Dexter smugly as he snickered at the diapered six year old with a freshly spanked bum.

“Dexter! Another comment like that and you’ll be sent home with a note to your parents. Understand?” threatened Ms. Mamoo as Dexter wised up.

“Yes ma’am.” Replied Dexter as he was released back into the classroom.

-End Part 7

Art and Mamoo belong to tato

Dexter belongs to paddedringtail

Kyle, Caiden, Cheryl and the story belongs to tugscarebear

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19399828/

Yes sure is Kyle a thick diaperd cub like the rest of the cub that are there and his diaper butt look so cute and thick :)

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