Bullies Get Beat

Bullies Get Beat“Bullies Get Beat” Part Five: Bullies Get Beat


“No son of mine will become a bully! I did not raise you to be like that young man.” Lectured Cheryl as she paddled her son.

“OW! OWIE! It hurts! OH!” squirmed Kyle as the spanking began.


“Do you think that it didn’t hurt Dexter or any of the other cubs? Would you like it if the bigger cubs pushed you around? Called you names? Picked on you just because you are smaller than them? I don’t think so!” asked Cheryl rhetorically as she continued the punishment.

“OWOW! WWhaaa….No momma! OwieOwieOwie!….” cried Kyle in between each swat.


“Your father and I raised a nice, smart, gentle, strong cub that stands up to bullies! We didn’t raise a bully. Speaking of, I’m sure your father will want to have a similar chat when he gets home tonight.” Warned Cheryl as she continued.

“OH! OW! OW! OWWie! WHWWaaAHHaahha….No more mommy! OW! I’ll nevah do it again!…” pleaded Kyle as his butt was bright red.

“Since you want to act like a little cub, you’re going to be treated like one. I don’t EVER want to find out that you have been bullying other cubs again. Do you hear me?! I will bring you right back in here and start this process all over again.” Lectured Cheryl as she landed the final spanks.


“WHWWHWaaaHaahaaa….” Bawled Kyle as the tears flowed down his face.

The spanking finished and Cheryl stood him up.

“Now you go and put your nose in the corner of the bathroom Kyle.” Instructed Cheryl as she pointed to the corner.

Kyle walked over to the corner and cried while his bright red butt was on fire.

-End Part 5

Art and Mamoo belong to tato

Kyle, Caiden, Cheryl and the story belongs to tugscarebear

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/19399771/

Poor Kyle it seems like he get to have a long and painful conversation whit his mother and Mr. Furbrush this time.

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