Quite soggy

Quite soggyFoxy was out playing in his sandbox when his mother walk out and sad that it is time for his bath and some dinner. Foxy began to unwillingly start to go into the house, he wanted to be out and playing more in the sandbox but he know that that it is good to obey his mother if he dont wont to end up whit a spanking before the bath.

Foxy starting to take off his pants and when he was almost finish whit his t-shirt his mother walk in and notes in a second how wet Foxys diaper was. Foxy you know that you should come and tell me when you need to use the potty you starting to get to big to still be in diapers 24/7. Look how wet it is.

Foxy blushing deep. He dont wont to tell his mother that he use his diaper on purpose to avoid stop the fun time that he had in the sandbox.

Draw by babyfox1800

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