Soggy little gamer

Soggy little gamerChar loves to play games, and he can get super into them too. Perhaps a bit too much. And so he got his paws on Monster Hunter 4 and is in love with it, and Violet like the game and decided to help Char for a while. And Char had a few full bottles eariler And hasn’t stop playing Monster Hunter since. Violet had looked over after their 10th mission together and began to giggle and said “Char I think you need a change.” Char just shook his head “Nuu me ish all clean still.” Char was lying some, he knew he was wet, but his diaper could handle more still. Violet just giggled some and continued their game and after another 5 mission Violet decided to check Char’s diaper but much to Char’s protesting that he is clean.

Char, Violet and text by The_Char_Char

Draw by Xepher777

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This diaper really look wet and soggy now and i bet it is going to start leaking on the chough soon if Char dont allow it to be changed soon.

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