Plushie’s Revenge

Plushie's RevengeI love and adore all of my teddy bears and plushies, especially my Riley bear. That is why it came as such a shock to me when she organized a revolt and led some of her fellow plushies to enslave me. Her plan is to bind me to the crib and keep me there in diapers and sensory deprivation while her and her fellow plushies have fun around the house. I don’t know how long they plan on keeping me here but I did see Romulus setting a timer for one month before Riley pulled the blindfold over my eyes.

Features: Riley the Rainbow Bear, Roger the Bondage Bear, and Romulus the Werewolf.

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by skelbely


Poor little wolf a month bondage in a crib is a weary long time and if they are going to keep you bondage all the time you body muscle is going to hurt allot when they are letting you go. If they are going to let you go.

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  1. Thanks for posting this here. It has become my most favorited post ever on FurAffinity and I am glad you liked it. Feel free to keep posting my stuff.

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