This Took Way Too Long

This Took Way Too Longo this was a little doodle sitting on my computer. I had been drawing a follow up pic to the one of Coffeekat Smiley made like years ago, that me and Nelson had talked about, but I also had this sketch on my computer. It was drawn in such a similar style as the others I was working on that I just automatically started designing it as Coffeekat, only to realize after, whoops! It wasn’t supposed to be! But Coffeekat is cute, so I left it as is. I have no idea whatsoever as to what is spanking it, haha. Silly hacker kitty, always getting itself into situations.

Coffeekat belongs to Smiley

Draw and text by Cry

Source: //

Poor Coffeekat his butt really look toasted right now. He is not going to be able to sit down on this butt for a couple off day whiteout it going to hurt like hell.

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