Shinings Visit

Shinings Visit
It had been so long since Shineys last visit! The Crystal kingdom was far away, but a Son should always make time to make regular visits with his Mommy.

Twilight Velvet crept up behind Shining and pressed a hoof against the seat of his visibly sagging diaper. She heard an audible ‘squish’. Shining jumped a little then turned to her and looked ashamed.

“Mhhhmmm!” Shining pouted. He still couldn’t manage to make distinct words through the enchanted pacifier planted firmly in his mouth, despite his best efforts.

“Shh… It’s alright sweetie, Mommy will clean you up”. Before Shining could protest, Velvet lifted him up with her magic, laid him on his back, and spread his legs to expose the very wet ‘princess’ themed diaper.

He was very wet, he must have been hiding to avoid being changed. Or he was just embarrassed at how cute he looked in the girly padding. Velvet could have gotten some boys themed ones, but there were plenty of diapers left over from Twilights last visit, and Velvet didn’t see the sense in making another trip to store if these ones fit him just as well.

It was of the utmost importance now, more than ever, that Shiney visit. If he was going to be helping Cadence raise a foal, he needed plenty of ‘hoofs on experience’. Cadence had already gone through the same process and been vetted by Velvet personally when she applied to babysit the little Twilight. While Cadence had passed with flying colors, unfortunately Shining was having some difficulty.

Velvet undid the tapes of his diaper and started to clean the widdle Shineys soggy bottom.

“Hold still Sweetie…” Said Velvet.

She would have to talk to Cadence about continuing Shineys ‘training’ when he got back to the Crystal Kingdom.

Draw and everything by Sylph_Space

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Aww poor little Shineys but he look so cute when he get his diaper change this magic special ways. And this girly printed princess themed diaper look so cute and thick. This is going to make him look so cute.

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