Jody’s New Job Chapter 13

Story is written by neverdry

“You’re not sleeping already, are you?” Kim said, as she set the diaper and baby powder down.

Jody opened her eyes. She was of course, not sleeping. Jody was trying to find a way to tell Kim she didn’t need a diaper, but her thoughts always came back to the big, scary potty.  “No. Not sleeping.”

“That’s good. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on your ice cream.” Kim said, as she puled the towel away from her. Kim picked up the diaper and slowly unfolded it. “Are you ready for a nice dry comfortable diaper?”

Jody looked at the diaper being unfolded. In the back of her mind she knew she should be saying ‘NO’. She should be screaming ‘NO’ for that matter, but she couldn’t.

Kim held the diaper out. “You’re not thinking of using that scary potty, are you?”

Instead of screaming ‘NO’ to the diaper, she screamed “NOOO” to using the potty.

Kim smiled. “I didn’t think so. It’s much better to have  a nice comfortable diaper on your little bum, right? Something you should have been wearing all a long. Isn’t that right?”

Jody’s thoughts jumbled. A memory came to her from working in the factory. She had  soaked her pants before she could get to the bathroom, not all that long ago.  She had  to change without anyone noticing. Which was, very hard to pull off. She has  always had a feeling that the one girl noticed, but she never said a word about it. Which, Jody was grateful for. Jody’s mind finally gave in. She didn’t want to think about that big, scary potty any longer or wet pants for that matter.  She hated the amount of fear and stress that came over her, when she thought about it. She wanted that gone. Jody lifted her head up, off the change table. “Yes. I think maybe I should have been.”

Kim was not ready for that answer. It took her a little by surprise. She was delighted to hear it, but was not excepting it at all. She hesitated for a few seconds before getting right at diapering her little girl. Kim took Jody by the ankles and lifted her bum up off the table. “You just let Mommy and Mama  look after you. Okay?” Kim said, as she slid the diaper under Jody. Kim took the baby powder and sprinkled it on Jody’s privates and bottom. “This will make sure you stay nice and comfy all night.” Kim cooed.

Jody smelt  the baby powder has soon as Kim opened the bottle. She had not smelt baby powder for a very long time. She couldn’t remember the last time she might have. As Kim rubbed the powder around her bum, Jody found it soothing. Jody even let out a little giggle as Kim gently bushed across her private parts.

Kim looked down at Jody when she giggled. Taking the hand with powder on it she began to tickle Jody’s ribs. “Are you ticklish baby?”

Jody giggled more and more as Kim kept at it. “Yes. Stop.” Jody said, now laughing uncontrollably.

Kim  was having fun and soon Jody had baby powder all over her stomach. Jody would be smelling like a baby for the rest of the night, maybe longer. Kim laughed along as Jody laughed louder and tried to roll, to get away. “I think my baby girl is very ticklish. Isn’t she.”

“Yes. Stop. Stop.” Jody pleaded.

“Do you want Mommy to stop tickling you?”

“Yes. Stop it Mommy.” Jody said, without thinking she had just called Kim, Mommy.

Kim finally stopped tickling and quickly, as Jody was still laughing, pulled the diaper up between Jody’s legs and fastened it tightly around her waist. Kim gave another tickle and then picked Jody up off the change table. Jody was almost in tears when Kim hoisted her up, sitting her on her hip.

Kim held out her hand and made like she was going to tickle once again. “Is the tickle monster done?” Kim said, as she moved her hand back and forth.

“Yes. No more.”

“I don’t think so.” Kim gently tickled Jody as she walked her out of the bedroom.

Jody was laughing and telling Kim to “Stop”, but Kim kept going until they were out in the kitchen.

“Someone is a happy girl.” Susan said.

“We have a little girl, who is very ticklish.”

“Is that right. Let me see.” Susan said, holding out her arms.

Kim placed laughing Jody into Susan’s arms. She then turned and walked back into Jody’s bedroom.

Susan set Jody on her hip and began to tickle Jody in the same fashion Kim had been.

“Stop. Please stop.” Jody got out amongst her laughter.

Susan let her hand down and bounced Jody on her hip. Jody was just giggling now. “I love to see you laugh and smile honey.”

Jody giggled a couple more times. She was worn out form all the laughing she had done. Jody rested her head on Susan’s shoulder as she was bounced.

Susan walked around, gently bouncing Jody on her hip.  Jody wearing only her diaper and smelling of baby powder, Susan grinned and  never wanted it to stop.

Kim returned with pyjamas in hand. The pj’s were one piece. Shorts and short sleeves that have  a zipper running up the front. “Let’s get you in these before you get cold.” Kim said, holding them up.

Susan didn’t want to let go of Jody. She was very much enjoying holding her diapered little girl. Susan bend down letting Jody’s feet hit the floor. Susan watched as Jody toddled over to Kim. Her diapered bum swaying back and forth.

Kim held out the one piece garment. Jody carefully picked up her left foot and Kim placed her foot in. Then her right foot. Kim pulled the pj’s up and feed Jody’s arms through. As Kim pulled up the zipper on the front, the pyjamas tightened around Jody’s thickly diapered bum.

“Ice cream?” Kim asked.

Jody looked up at Kim. “Yes please.”

Kim picked Jody up and placed her in her chair. Susan went and got a bowl and filled it with ice cream. She also got a half a glass of chocolate milk. Kim retrieved Jody’s bib and placed around Jody’s neck.

Jody on her knees took her spoon and started in on the bowl of ice cream. Kim and Susan watched there diapered little girl with glee.

Jody finished her ice cream and her chocolate milk. Susan knew that the chocolate milk would have Jody getting sleepy in a short amount of time. Kim used a wash cloth on Jody’s hands and face. She removed the bib and held it up.

“Good job sweetie. Did you enjoy your ice cream?”

“It was good.” Jody replied.

Kim set the bib down and picked Jody up, setting her on her hip. “A little TV before bed?”

Jody rested her head on Kim’s shoulder and let Kim carry her out to the living room.

Kim left Jody on her lap and reached out for the remote. She started Dora from the beginning. Jody moved around a little and finally got comfortable. Kim started patting Jody’s diapered bum and before the first episode finished, Jody was sound asleep. Kim waited for the second episode to finish before taking her little girl into the bedroom and placing her in her bed. Jody never moved or made a sound.

Story is written by neverdry

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