Jack’s Plan – Chapter 11

Story is written by abdl5622

I woke up, the sun was shining, it was the perfect day to go to the amusement park. I feel strange. Am I getting sick? I thought to myself as I felt butterflies in my stomach. This is not the day to be sick though. So I chose to ignore the feeling until it subsided. I climbed out of bed with a cold, damp squish. I really must have slept well to soak this thing so well. Then I heard footsteps creaking up the stairs. Oh crap the pacifier. I scrambled and hid it under my pillow.

“Good morning Jack, sleep well?”

“Very well”

“Like a baby from the looks of your diaper” she chuckled as she pointed out my yellow, droopy diaper.

Low blow but still good.

“I will change into a Goodnite and…”

“Wait hold on there. Remember what we discussed in the car”

Oh right I’m going to have to wear these.

“Won’t Katie find out?”

Creek, I heard the door open slightly.

“I knowed already”

“Katie!” my mother scolded.


“That was suppose to be a secret”

“We will talk about it a moment. Okay, now did you need something dear?”

“I needa new diapy”

“I will change you right after I change Jack”

Katie left the room as she began to change me.

“Look. I know what your going to say. I wanted to say I am sorry”

“How did she find out?”

“She noticed something was up a few days ago”

A sharp pain hit my stomach. Not going to get sick, not going to get sick. Soon, the pain subsided and I felt a cold paste being spread all over my diaper area.

“Jack, are you okay?”

“Ya, just a chill. What is that stuff?”

“Just something to help protect your skin”

She is certainly putting a lot of it on.

She then taped up the diaper and gave me a gentle pat on the rear.

“Katie, it’s your turn” my mom said as I left the room to get dressed.

Let’s see if I can find anything that will fit over this thing. I thought as I looked through my drawers.

I guess this could work. I thought as I grabbed a gray pair of gym shorts and threw them on. To my surprise they fit. I walked over to the mirror and saw the clear bulge of the diaper. Well back to the dresser. However, I could not find anything else that would fit over the diaper. Everyone is going to know I am in a diaper… Maybe if I wear I long T-Shirt, no one will see it. I quickly grabbed a T-Shirt and it did in fact cover up the crotch decently. However, what I didn’t know was that the bulge in my rear was still very visible.

“Ready to go Jack?”


We walked outside to the car where Katie was buckled into her pink car seat and I sat next to her.

A day at the amusement park. This should be… My thoughts were interrupted by a some weird noises coming from my stomach. They soon subsided though.

After about 45 minutes Katie began to fidget and squirm in her seat.

“How much longer mommy?”

“We have about fifteen more minutes to go”

Katie then began scooting as far forward as she could in her car seat and leaned forward.

Is she?

She then made fists and began to struggle as her face turned red.

She is pooping in her diaper.

Then I heard a long sigh as she relaxed back into her seat and the load now sitting in the rear of her Pamper. The fowl smell soon confirmed my suspicions.

“We are here and good thing to because it smells like someone had a little accident”

I got out of the car and felt her tug at the rear waistband of my diaper.

“You’re just a little wet”

Did she really think it would be me.

“So, that means that Katie is our little stinker” she said as she tickled her.

“Hold up Jack, I’m going to change your sister real fast”

“Okay” I replied as she opened the trunk of the car and began to change her.

10 minutes later.

“Alright, let’s go”

We all entered the park together and enjoyed ourselves for another two hours. Until…

Oww, my stomach. I cringed as a wave of cramps hit me.


“I’m okay, but, can we find a bathroom”

“Well you are wearing a fairly absorbent diaper and I am not really sure of where the bathrooms are. Just go ahead a wet it. I will change you later”

“I don’t have to pee”

“Oh, okay, I will look at the map, I think it is this way though” she said as we started walking that way.

Another wave of cramps hit me. Oh, I shouldn’t have eaten so much yesterday or maybe I shouldn’t have had that milk.

“Mom, I really need to find a bathroom, soon”

I just hope it is not to late. I thought as I felt a sharp cramp in my gut.

My mom was still fumbling with the map as we kept walking toward what I presumed would be a bathroom. My sister just skipped along without a care in the world.

How nice it has to be to not have to worry… wait I am wearing a diaper too. But that would be gross and … and …. One final wave of cramps hit me. I grabbed my gut in pain. I might not have a choice. I could feel a warm, firm log begin to poke its head out of my rear. I can hold it. I can hold it.

We were still trying to find a bathroom when, crinkle, crackle, the seat of my diaper was beginning to tent out as the log pushed its way further and further into my diaper. I can hold it.

“Jack, are you making stinky?” my sister said commenting at my expanding rear.

I stopped dead in my tracks focusing on trying to stop my diaper from filling.

“It’s okay Jack, just let it happen. Your sister had a messy accident a few hours ago and it was not a big deal” my mother soothed as she patted my head.

I squatted slightly and closed my eyes.

Plop, the firm log deposited itself between my thighs. I feel just like John right now. I thought as I relaxed. Blarrarart, a soft gooey snake began sliding into the seat of my diaper, creating a sticky coil. Then a soft mush began coming out expanding everywhere along my rear. The warm soft mass spread across my backside forcing the elastic waistband to tighten as the poo pressed up against the leak guards. Until finally, it ended and I regained some control. A sweet sickening smell reached my nose. As I stood up straight, causing the mass to shift around.

I waddled over to my mom, tears in my eyes and said “I’m sorry mom, but I couldn’t make it”

“It’s okay baby. Feel better now?”

I nodded.

“That wasn’t so bad now was it?”

“I don’t mind being stinky”

“Maybe a ride will get your mind off things. How about the merry go round?”

I nodded as they started to walk toward the ride. I wiped the tears from my eyes and reached around back. I hesitated and then I felt the huge warm lump in my rear. I don’t believe this is really happening. I began waddling toward the merry go round causing the load in my rear to bounce around and causing my stomach to churn. I still felt a need to go. Why is this so painful to hold in? I thought as I clenched my gut.

“Jack, is more coming?”

I wish there wasn’t. I thought as I nodded.

“There is no one in line and your diaper is already messy. You could just finish up. You would probably feel a lot better”

“Ya, Jacky, dats what the diapy is for”

Even my sister thinks I should. Well in for a penny.

I relaxed as my rear sphincter opened up, Blllartt, A rock hard log began to make its way out and then stopped when it reached the cotton of the diaper, painfully forcing my sphincter to stay open. I held in my breath, squatted down fully, and pushed. I grunted and strained until it rushed out. Forcing itself under my crotch. I then felt the front of my diaper getting much warmer as my bladder emptied. I was panting as I stood up.

“Better now?”

“Yes, it is all out of me”

“Well itsa still sorta in yous” Katie chuckled pointing to my bulging rear.

My mother looked sternly at Katie.

“You would know” I chuckled back. My mom smiled as we got on.

I approached a metal horse took one look at the saddle and then it clicked. I did not think this through… Maybe I can keep standing on the horse.

“Hey mom, this one doesn’t move right?”

“No sweety” she said with a grin.

As long as I can keep upright I should be fine. I got up carefully and slowly put my right leg over the metal horse and put my foot through the restraint. I could see my mom chuckling as she watched me struggle to deal with the load in my rear. She suggested this on purpose. Oh well, it did put me in a better mood.

The music starting playing and we began to spin. Then a jolt of upward force from the horse knocked me off balance causing me fall into the saddle squashing the cooling load in my rear. The mess smothered my crotch and reached all parts of my diapered area. Then the horse began going down causing me to raise my butt out of the seat only to have it squashed back into the mess on the way up. Until the ride ended and I hopped off the metal horse, the poo clung to my skin. I reached around back to feel the damage. Eww… though it is not that bad, at least there is not much of a bulge anymore.

“Okay Jack, let’s get you changed”

Story is written by abdl5622

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