Your turn to change me

Your turn to change me¨Now it’s your turn to change me¨ Chase said. Smiling behind his pacifier as he laid down on the changing mat.

¨O-okay¨ Daryl said as he grabbed one of the clean diapers and unfolded it. ¨How do you put these on?¨ He said with a confused look on his face.

Chase couldn’t help but giggle and watch as Daryl tried to figure this out.

Text and Daryl by axel1456

Draw by emeritus_terciel


Poor Daryl figuring out how to put on the diaper the right way it not something easy for a cub and from the look on Chase diaper it really need to be changed soon before he starting to leak.

Daryl look so confused right now when he trying to figure this out.

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