We Potty Chapter 8

Story is written by Stacylove92

On the drive home from Marie’s I actually thanked my Mom for a good day. It had its ups and downs, no pun intended, but right now I was actually in a really good mood. I had an awesome day with Marie. I was then brought back to awareness of my diaper as I realized how wet I was down there. I knew it happened when I was sleeping. I thought about how potentially embarrassing today could have been if I didn’t have the diapers on. It didn’t take long for me to dismiss that as a foolish thought. I was not giving in so easy.

When we got out of the car Mom patted the seat I had been in. “Thank goodness you didn’t leak. I was nervous about my seats once I got the text.” I cringed thinking about my Mom getting messages about my accidents. With how tech savvy she was I half expected her to accidently share it with the whole entire world. Sometimes it felt like she would be oh so eager to anyway.

We walked in the house and thankfully Victoria was nowhere to be seen. But the two huge bins sat in the living room as obtrusively as ever. Right away Mom was working on pulling my shorts off. I got mad. “What are you doing? Stop!”

That didn’t stop her. “Chris. You full know what the rules are. No pants or shorts around the house.” I had actually forgotten. I guess I did a good job of keeping the program off my mind today. Well the diapers were hard to tune out, but the rest of the program I didn’t think about, until now, it was brought back to my reality.

Mom took off my shirt and unbuttoned my onesie and also took that off. She told me I could put my shirt back on if I wanted, which I already was. Things in the house were strangely quiet. I was expecting Victoria to pop up out of nowhere any second now. I looked at the clock on the wall and realized it was after midnight.

Mom softly patted by butt at which I jumped away from her. That was not okay. Talking quietly, not to wake everyone she said, “I know you’re already wet sweetie, but I want you to go potty before night night.” I was tired and really not in the mood for a fight. I just wanted sleep. Tomorrow would be another day to take up the issue at hand. I went to the bathroom, and it was a tiny bit easier to pee with Mom standing right there. Maybe cause I was half asleep. This time Mom didn’t put the top pins back in. She just pulled up the plastic pants around my wet diaper and buckled them.

Mom said to me, “Alright let’s get your bins upstairs, and get you changed for bed.” We each grabbed one and walked up to my room with them. I had a hard time getting it up the stairs. Mom placed hers unceremoniously in the middle of my room, while I placed mine in the corner. She said we would get the stuff put away tomorrow since it was so late. Mom looked around my room, “You know you ought to keep your room much neater. In fact I want it clean by Monday when your father and I get home from work.”

That was only a day and a half away. ‘This is why I keep her out of my room in the first place.’ Mom pulled a diaper out of a bin and set it up on my tile floor. It looked slightly larger than before, but I brushed it off since I was tired. I wondered what would happen come Monday when Mom and Dad had work, if I had not yet succeeded in my mission. In the back of my mind I halfway new Emily would be babysitting me.

I was in disbelief when Mom pulled out a second diaper and placed it on top of the first, and then added the stuffers in. She was surely just as tired as me and was making a mistake. I told her that was not the way Emily did the diapers. “Chris, don’t even act like you’re not a heavy wetter at night. I’m sure you know as well as me, you’ll need the extra diaper. And besides Emily actually called me before while I was waiting in the car for you two. She gave me more instructions she forgot to include because she said your little accident threw off her routine. She explicitly told me at the very least double diapers and stuffers at night for you.”

Mom instructed me to lie down and I did as I was told. My tile floor was cold against the rest of my body. I wished she had put the pad down. “You’re looking a little red down there baby.” I jerked as a different coldness tingled my crotch. “We should probably be using wipes on your little bum from now on.” I felt awkward as Mom tenderly wiped every square inch of me down there, as if without a care in the world.

Mom pulled my diaper up through my legs. It didn’t seem fathomable a diaper could be so thick. I wondered if she’d even be able to get it all the way around me. It took her several times of readjusting, but after a few minutes she tugged on the edges of my diaper and seemed satisfied. I could feel they were much snugger than the last time. I then stepped into my plastic pants which she was holding out for me. It was then I remembered the dreaded alarm attached to me. I was so tired. I hoped Mom wouldn’t remember to activate it.

As if she was reading my mind Mom said, “By the way, about your alarm. I’m reactivating it, so don’t get scared when it goes off.”

I groaned as she said this. I hated being wrenched from that most peaceful place by those shrieking sirens. It was enough to damn well give you a heart attack. This was surely how bedwetting alarms worked. You condition the kid to be petrified of sleeping ever again. No sleep, no bedwetting, problem solved. It never worked for me though. Either way I was so tired all I wanted was sleep, even if it would be rudely interrupted. ‘I only have to put up with this for tonight’, I told myself.

“Oh one last thing.” Mom walked over to the bin and pulled out a slightly larger looking onesie. She looked at the tag and began speaking, “You will be sleeping in your onesie at night. Emily said it’ll make for a dry bed in the morning.” I held my arms up and Mom placed the onesie on me.

“I’m heading to bed now, but I want you to get your diaper pail out of the bin. The pail is to stay out in the open, not in your closet. We don’t need it stinking up your clothes in there.” I actually thought that was a good point since I had several nice jackets in the closet which I wouldn’t want anything happening to. Mom continued, “Don’t forget to put your wet diaper in the pail too. Goodnight baby.” I said goodnight back and Mom walked out of my room, but didn’t close the door behind her. I hated that. I went over and closed it fully.

I walked over to the bin and looked inside. There were pins, clothing, a few big packs labeled as adult briefs, and my diaper pail. It was essentially a big round, white garbage can. I placed it on the side of my dresser where it would go most unnoticed. I picked up my diaper. It was wet and cold to the touch. I brought it over to the pail, dropped it in and closed the lid.

As I laid down in bed I could not at all get comfortable. The thick diaper forced my body into awkward positions no matter which way I laid. As if that wasn’t enough, the onesie constantly tugged on me. As I tossed and turned, my plastic sheet and plastic pillow case crinkled beneath me. I laid there restlessly so I tried relieving myself into my diaper in a different way. I was re-picturing the glimpse I got of Marie’s thong before. I then pictured her stripping all the way down for me. This usually did the trick for me. Not now though. There was just too much padding tightly encasing me. I gave up on that and eventually fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion.

“WOOOWOOOWOOO”. Mom was shaking me. “Come on Chris, let’s go potty.” I had no clue what was going on at first. It didn’t take me long to realize I had just urinated on myself and I was being woken up to be made conscious of the fact. I groaned miserably as Mom told me to get out of bed. She shut off the alarm and I walked to the bathroom with her half asleep. She had me try to use the toilet, even though my bladder had already completely emptied. She pinned me back up in the same wet diaper. I had really soaked it.

When we got upstairs I assumed my position on the floor. I was ready to be changed into a dry diaper and be on my merry way back to the land of nod. Of course no diaper would’ve been better, but 3:00 am was no time for such an argument. When Mom didn’t follow me into my room I got up and went into hers. She was getting back under the sheets already. She was obviously half asleep too.

“Mom. You forgot to… uh, change my thing”, I said sheepishly.

“Chris it’s the middle of the night, go back to bed.”

“But… I’m… really wet.” I felt ashamed saying it out loud, even though Mom already knew.

“Honey, your diapers will hold fine until the morning. Please just go back to sleep.”

I was about to put up a fight, but felt silly fighting to have my diaper changed. I sucked it up and went back to sleep, much quicker this time too.

I woke up the next morning incredibly refreshed, even with the middle of the night interruption. I had not slept so wonderfully in a while. I even woke up in a dry bed which I hadn’t in years. I won’t lie and say I thought I woke up dry all on my own. I was aware of the wet mound of cloth around my waist long before being aware of the dry bed under me. Despite having a dry bed, I still woke up surrounded by the pungent smell of stale urine.

I sat up and patted the bed around me just to check it was actually completely dry, which it was. My stomach gurgled and I felt a little nauseous. I remembered I hadn’t eaten dinner last night because we got stuck in traffic. I could hear everyone in the kitchen talking. I threw my robe on and headed downstairs for breakfast. Everyone was at kitchen table already eating, when they all stopped to stare at me. Victoria looked a little disappointed. Dad looked a little mad. Mom said, “Chris, robe off you know the rules.”

There was no way I was stripping down to just my onesie and diaper in front of Victoria. She would enjoy it way too much. I made my case, “Mom the rules were no shorts or pants, they never said anything about a robe.”

“No the rules were that your diapers will remain visible while you’re awake and around the house, this way you can think about your potty training.” Victoria snickered at this.

I stamped my foot and raised my voice, “I don’t need to be potty trained! I’m eighteen years old for fuck’s sake. I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Victoria held her nose and waved at the air. “It smells like you need to be potty trained. I can smell your wet diaper from here.”

I wanted to push her off her chair. That little brat. I knew I’d only get in trouble though. There was one time she stomped on my foot and broke my toe, so I hit her, not even that hard. I got the worst spanking of my life. Victoria got brought out for ice cream and a movie. Story of my life. Me trying to get even with her never ended good.

Dad sat there scarfing up his scrambled eggs. I could tell he was trying to keep his cool.

Mom said, “Chris, I know you don’t want to do this, but you need to. You haven’t had a single dry night in as long as I can remember. And you’ve had at least ten day wets in the past month alone. Do you realize how long it’s been since your father and I have invited anyone over to the house? Emily has been the last person in a while. Chris I’m tired of my house stinking of your pee. It’s embarrassing. I know you can’t control it, but something needs to be done about it, one way or another.”

I stamped my foot even harder, half afraid I would break the step at the moment of impact. I yelled, “Come on this is so unfair!”

Dad slurped the last sip of coffee from his cup. He took the last few bites of his breakfast and put his fork and knife down on his plate with a clink. He slowly turned his head to the side towards me. He gave me a look I knew all too well. If Dad’s demeanor was a car teetering on the edge of a high up cliff, I knew any further acts of defiance from me, would be the bird landing on the hood. I decided to stop for now. I knew I would have to work over Mom when she was by herself. She was not nearly half as scary to press as Dad. Once I worked her over, she would convince Dad of the same in no time at all. That was the way things were. Mom was the decision maker, Dad was only the enforcer.

So when I was asked to take my robe off again, I bit the bullet and did so. I walked downstairs before doing so, this way I would be less on display. Of course Victoria spared me no dignity as she watched me take my robe off, at least I had the onesie on to cover my diaper.

“Aww wook at widdle baby brudda in his onesie. You are just too ‘dorable baby Chris.” I asked Mom to make her stop.

Mom told her to stop and said to me, “Get over here and I’ll get that onesie off. Then you can sit down and have your breakfast.”

Victoria held her nose as deliberately as she could while I walked past her to Mom. She took it off and I felt so exposed in just my diaper. Suddenly eating breakfast right now was not so tempting. I said I wasn’t hungry and would just eat later. Mom said, “No, I want you to eat with us. You are a member of this family just like everyone else.”

Victoria chimed in, “Yeah even babies count too.” Mom sternly said Victoria’s name.

I grabbed a plate, filled it up with sausage, eggs, and toast. I ate while I sat there in nothing but my cold, wet, smelly diaper.

Dad got up and poured himself another cup of coffee. He asked if anyone else wanted one to which me and Victoria both said yes. Before my cup was even poured Dad was being berated. “What are you giving him that for Jack? I don’t want him having any.”

Drinking coffee had never been a problem before. I even remember drinking it when I was only eight or nine. It used to make me feel so grown up. I said to her, “Since when is it a big deal for me to have coffee? I’m practically old enough to drink alcohol.”

“Yeah well practically didn’t stop you and Marie from drinking the three times I’ve caught you two.” I set myself up for that one. Mom continued, “And that’s not the point. Coffee isn’t going to help you stay dry, and right now, that is the only thing you should be worry about.”

‘Right. While other people my age focus on getting their license, starting college and getting their first jobs, my only worry is to stay dry. Glad to see you have such high aspirations for me.’

Dad handed Victoria her coffee as she obnoxiously slurped it. She started complaining to Mom and Dad how my alarm woke her up last night and she was not willing to go through being woken up every night again. ‘That makes two of us’, I thought. I finished eating and was about to go shower, when I realized I needed to be unlocked from my plastic pants. I asked Mom if I could take a shower.

She walked me into the bathroom. She went on her phone and locked the door behind her, and then unlocked my pants. “Before you go in the shower I want you to rinse off your plastic panties.”

I objected to them being called plastic panties again.

“Well would you rather have me call them your baby pants? They don’t have any other names than that.”

‘I’d rather you call them garbage and throw them out.’

She looked around the bathroom.  “I guess just leave your wet diapers on top of the toilet for now. Emily really should’ve given us a second pail for in here. Oh well, I guess we can always run out for one soon.” She said this more to herself than me. I hoped that by we that she meant only her.

Mom then held out a razor. I had just shaved two days ago, and besides my facial hair was none of her concern. She said as she handed it to me, “I am going to give you one chance to do this yourself, and don’t make me regret it. You need to shave your whole diaper area. If it touches your diaper, there should be no hair there. Emily said you should be able to wiggle the straps on your sensor a little bit to get under them.”
I threw the razor on the ground and the head flew off of it. “Why?! You’re just trying to punish me and make me feel like a baby.”

Mom’s hand swiftly swatted my rear as I jumped up. I couldn’t feel it much to be honest, I was more surprised. “Pick that up! You’re not to question us anymore. I don’t have to tell you why for anything. As far as I’m concerned, from now on, because I said so is a good enough answer. But if you must know, it is to keep your little bottom diaper rash free. So do yourself some good. Get in the shower and shave. You have fifteen minutes until I’m back in here.” She walked out of the bathroom and once again locked the door behind her.

I kicked the plastic pants off of my feet. I tried unpinning the diaper. The cloth held the pin so tight it was difficult to get the sharp part out of the covering. I got frustrated Mom didn’t just do it for me. I quickly changed my mind. I would not so willingly concede any independence, no matter how small. That would not be taking things in the right direction.  I eventually had my diaper off and on top of the toilet. As I stood there naked, I looked at the high offset window, a portal to diaperless freedom. In reality I knew I would not get very far being naked.  Either way Mom would be back soon, so unless I planned on moving out once I hopped out the window, this wouldn’t get me anywhere. I got in the shower and washed myself clean off. Normally the urine smell would dissipate at this point, but the bathroom still stunk.

As I grabbed the razor I questioned if I should do it. My facial hair never came in more than being scraggly which I hated. At least having hair down there, I was manly. How could Mom be doing all of this to me? It was like she wanted me to feel like a baby. I thought about not doing it, but knew I would be getting another damned diaper put on soon and would be caught. I did not want any major confrontations with Dad around. I brought the razor down to my privates and my hand quivered afraid I might somehow chop something off. I sighed as I started removing my maturity.

When I was finished I looked down and was embarrassed by what I saw. I looked silly with no hair and the sensor strapped around me. It did not make me feel like I could be an object of sexual desire. I felt like a little boy. ‘Stop overthinking things. You’re still just as much of a man.’ I started to think about myself inside of Marie. I placed my hand around my sensor and started massaging. I figured I should try to find some relief before I had to get my things back on. It wasn’t really that great feeling with the sensor around me, but I still tried. I heard the door click and Mom was back in the bathroom. ‘Goddammit woman.’

“Alright fifteen minutes is up mister. Out of the shower.” As I turned off the water Mom opened the shower door. As she looked down at me I thought about covering myself up, but knew it was futile. “Good, I’m glad you shaved. I was not in the mood for a fight. Alright now dry off, and let’s get that little bum back in a diaper.”

Once my diaper was set up on the bathroom floor, I laid down to be placed back in my diaper prison. I sighed, knowing that everything that made me a man, would soon be bundled up, locked up far away from the rest of the world. When Mom was done and unlocked the bathroom door I ran up to my room. It felt gross carrying my soiled diapers with me, especially just getting out of the shower.

Dad was walking out of my room, with one of the bins. With the way he was carrying the bin, I could tell it was not empty. This was a good sign. A little balloon had inflated with some hope. Maybe Dad had come to his wits. He was probably tired of watching his adult son waddle around the house like nothing more than a toddler. I could tell he was just as ashamed about the whole situation as I was. Me and Dad were usually on the same page about things. It was only Mom’s fault he ever ended up on any other page. I held my diapers to the side out of his direct sight. I asked him, “So does this mean you are going to try convincing Mom?”

He stared at me like I had five heads. “What are you talking about?” That little balloon of hope started deflating.

“You’re taking that stuff out of my room. I thought maybe you didn’t want me doing it anymore and that…”

Dad cut me off. “No your mother and I put your potty stuff away while you were in the shower. “ The balloon was spiraling around the room as it drained.

I asked him what was in the bin then as he carried it away. He didn’t answer me. I went into my room and saw my underwear drawer open. I never left the drawers open one tiny crack, it bothered me for some reason. I ran over and looked inside. All of my boxers were gone! In their place lay a row of neatly folded diapers. That little balloon of hope sputtered out its last breath as it lifelessly dropped to the floor.

I ran my hand over my head from front to back and left it resting on the back of my head. ‘What the fuck. They didn’t need to take my boxers.’ Obviously one doesn’t wear boxers with diapers, but I would be out of these damned things soon. I slammed the drawer closed. The sight of it angered me. I opened my pajama drawer, only to find they were gone as well, all replaced with onesies. I slammed that drawer closed and rifled through both of my dressers. All of my clothes were gone! Besides the onesies and diapers, my dressers were empty. I stormed off downstairs ready to raise hell. I would not stand for this anymore.

As I passed Victoria in the upstairs hallway she smiled and called me crinkle butt. I told her to shut the fuck up. She snapped right back at me, “Geez, what’s got your diapers in a bunch?”

I heard Mom talking in the kitchen. I stopped halfway down the stairs as I heard my Aunt Joyce’s voice. I stopped and turned around, not willing for her to see me like this. Mom called out, “Chris is that you?” I stayed perfectly silent. “Come say hi to your Aunt.” I slowly walked downstairs petrified my cousin Chelsea, who was the same age as me, was with her. Luckily she wasn’t. I stood there in front of my Aunt in nothing but a diaper, not for the first time since babyhood either. I remembered all of the times she used to watch me and Victoria overnight when we were little. Victoria and Chelsea used to share Chelsea’s bed, while I used to sleep on the floor in her bedroom. Aunt Joyce always insisted I wore goodnites when I spent the night. One night I took the goodnite off, and stained the carpet in Chelsea’s room. From that point I was not allowed to sleep in pajamas there, so I would be kept honest. Sleeping naked in front of your sister and cousin was somehow a worse option than sleeping in a goodnite. And in reality those things weren’t the worst. They almost were underwear, even more so considering what I currently had on.

My Aunt said hi to me and I said hi back. I heard her say to my parents, “It’s about time you guys did something”, as I waddled back up to my room. I hid up in my room all day as I waited for my Aunt to leave. I cleaned my room to kill the time. I got an urge to pee which I tried to ignore until my Aunt left. It didn’t take long before I was dashing off downstairs and had to ask Mom to take me to the bathroom. I tried not to make my need sound as desperate as it was. My Aunt made another comment about being so glad Chelsea was done with this when she was only two and a half. We stood in the bathroom as Mom undid my diapers. It was such a hassle and I struggled to remain in control as I waited. I luckily made it though.

When Mom finished putting my diaper back on she told me, “Dinner is almost ready, so stay downstairs for now. Your Aunt is eating over so I want you on your best behavior.” I was really hungry as I had not eaten lunch, so I did not give any objections.

As we all sat at the table, I was grateful that the table at least covered my diapers. I scarfed down the spaghetti and meatballs since I was so hungry. I also had a water bottle and a cup of soda because I hadn’t drank all day either. I would’ve had another soda but was stopped.  As Aunt Joyce sipped her wine, she droned on about Chelsea’s plans to travel for the summer before going away to school. Chelsea this, Chelsea that. She acted as if Chelsea was God’s greatest gift to the Earth.

The clock hit 6:00 and I knew the season finale of “Werezoms” would be on soon. It was mine and Marie’s absolute favorite show. We watched it religiously since it had started. I brought it up, “So the season finale of werezoms is on tonight.”

My Aunt Joyce said, “Chelsea is obsessed with that show. I don’t get it. Are they werewolfs or zombies?”

I rolled my eyes, and answered rather impatiently, “They’re both.” I turned to Mom, “So do you think I can go to Marie’s to watch it, and I’ll come home right after? I’ll even keep my things on.” At least if I could wear clothes over my diapers Marie would still be ignorant to them.

Mom finished chewing before answering me, “Now sweetie, what makes you think I would say yes to that. You know the rules. You are not allowed out without me, Emily or your father. Why don’t you and Marie watch it here for once?”

“Can I at least wear my clothes then?”

Mom seemed a little less patient this time. “Chris I accommodated you yesterday because it was your birthday. But I’m not going to start bending the rules because you don’t want Marie to know about your diapers. You hang out with her all the time. If we broke the rules every time you were with her, we would be breaking the rules a lot, and really what’s the point in even doing the program then? And I have to tell you what Chris. Me and your father are busy. Don’t count on us bringing you two around to places. If you want to keep hanging out with Marie, I don’t see any way around her knowing.”

My Aunt then asked my Mom, “Doesn’t she already know all about his accidents though?”, as if I was not there.

My Mom just nodded her head and said, “Mmhmm.”

“She probably wouldn’t even be surprised he’s in diapers then.”

Mom nodded her head again. “I tried telling him the same exact thing Joyce.”

‘Stupid women.’

The problem with the diapers, okay more accurately, one of the many problems with the diapers was I wanted to take my relationship to the next level with Marie. I wanted Marie to be my first and my only. However with these prohibitive diapers on that was not happening any time soon. I barely finished eating, even with as hungry as I was.

I told my parents I wasn’t feeling good and would be going to sleep early tonight. Mom told me that she would take me to the potty first. Victoria giggled. I would have been more annoyed I guess, but for all my life I was always told to use the bathroom before going to sleep. Only now my Mom had to help me do it. Emily really wasn’t kidding when she said how much this program was geared toward younger children.

After I was done in the bathroom Mom walked me upstairs past the kitchen. Aunt Joyce told me goodnight. That word stung a little coming from her.

When we got upstairs Mom said, “Sweetie, I know you did a good job at keeping your diaper dry today, but I still need to get you pinned into your night diapers, especially if you’re not feeling good.” I knew my best chance at seeing “Werezoms” was to go along with this for now. I did not put up a fight as I was diapered and put into my onesie.

As I sat up in my room I thought about how I could get to Marie’s to watch “Werezoms”. Sure I could technically wait til I convinced my parents how stupid this program was, and then watch the episode on demand with her. But tonight was the finale, and it was shaping up to be a big one. With how popular the show was, I knew I would end up seeing some type of spoiler if I didn’t just watch it tonight.

The first problem was I did not have any clothes. I didn’t know were my old or even new clothes were. I figured I would not have easy access to them. I turned on a floor lamp near my closet to look inside of it. As I did the lightbulb went out. I used my phone flashlight instead. They even took all of my jackets that were hanging in the closet. On the hangers were now all plastic pants. I looked into one corner of the closet and saw it. My backpack I used in high school. I eagerly unzipped it and peered inside. There they were! A complete change of clothes. I always had extra clothes at the nurse’s even during high school. But it was always better to be safe.

I quickly got over this little victory as I remembered my jeans would not fit over my diapers. I did not even bother to waste my time trying. I then ran over to my drawer to see if the scissors I kept were in it. They were. If I could cut the plastic pants off then I could unpin the diaper, and actually get my clothes on. Then I could sneak out my window, climb down the tree and head to Marie’s house. As long as I left by 7:30 I would make it by 8:00. Once I came back I could just put another diaper on myself. I had everything I needed in my room.

But then I remembered the sensor. It would be a two hour finale, three hours including the time for me to walk there and back. I had drank a lot at dinner, which I was suddenly regretting. Even though I didn’t want to admit it, I knew I would not be able to hold it for that long. One way or another I would be setting the alarm off. I looked over on top of my dresser where a bunch of supplies were left out. Pins, wipes, baby powder, a changing mat and a pack of disposable diapers. But then under a few other items I saw exactly what I was looking for.

I smugly thought, ‘How stupid could they be?’ I certainly wasn’t complaining really. In front of me was another sensor. I guessed it was in case the first one stopped working or something like that. This meant I could cut off the straps on the sensor I had on now and put the replacement on when I got back. No one would have any clue!

I waited til 7:25 to make my move. I tried getting my onesie off, but still struggled with the snaps. I used the scissor to easily cut through the fabric near the snaps. I then slipped it off over my head. My heart was pounding as I brought the scissor up to my thick plastic pants. I wondered if the scissors could cut through. I pulled out the waist as much as I could and I brought the two blades together. Snip. Success! The scissor cut through the plastic material and the belt just as easily as I’d hoped. Once I cut through one side, I just kicked them off. I fumbled with the pins on my diaper for a little bit, but eventually got them off. All that was left was the sensor. If the scissors could cut through the plastic I knew the cotton straps on the sensor would be no problem.

I brought the blades of the scissor around the straps.  Snip. “WOOO-WOOO-WOOO”

‘Oh shit!’ Cutting the straps had set off the deafening alarm on my wrist. Before I could even react I heard footsteps pounding up the stairs.

Story is written by Stacylove92

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