Soggy movie night

Soggy movie nightdaddy: ookay we can have a movie night baby girl but you have to follow these rules for daddy and be thickly padded can you do that?
charry: uhh huhs yes daddy can doo ^^ -I place my paci in my maw and stop talking like an adult-
daddy: good girl now shall we watch the second lilo and stitch movie?
charry: uhh huhs yesh dada souns good ta me
daddy: smiles and chuckles alittle- hehe cutie.
we both count down and start the movie at the same time.. not long into the movie needless to say I ended up a soggy sissy .///. hehes and even went to bed and woke up like that I definitely needed a change when I woke up .///////. hehhes but I enjoyed movie night was lotsa fun : 3

Daddy: Devante_Torlias

Draw and text by Charry

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Movie night is awesome and wear diapers during a good movie can be a good thing special if you find out that you really need to visit the potty.

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