Comic: The Laziest Worker

The Laziest Worker1: This job requires a lot of professional expertise, and as the new guy, you need to study. Danny, you will study “Introduction of Computer Science” today, and afterwards I’ll show you your work first-hand.

2: Hehe… my annoying boss finally left. I’ll take a nap and study later. If she asks, I’ll say I m still studying.

3: I’m back. How’s your study going, Danny?

4: He fell asleep!

1: You fell asleep on the job during your first day here, and in front of everyone at our office. You are so bad.

2: Darn, I got caught. Why do I urge to sleep like a cat here? Anyway, I have a guaranteed year here, and already got paid. The worst thing they can do is scold me, hehe…

3. Danny
Danny slept
If Danny Bad?

What the hell?

4. I will fix it!!
You deserve it.
Wow. It is first time someone got punished by ECC…

Draw and everything by Spanking649

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Yes it is newer something good to be lazy on the job you may end up whit a big spanking.

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