We Potty Chapter 6

Story is written by Stacylove92

I nearly fainted at the thought of Marie seeing me in my current state. I texted her immediately and said I was up and not to come over until I said I was ready. I waited but got no reply. I pictured her knocking on the door any second, and Mom opening the door and inviting her in. I started feeling sick. I would have no chance with Marie than. Sure she knew about my accidents, but wearing diapers was much more babyish, contributing nothing to the manly image I wanted her to perceive. I was thinking of bolting up to my room when I received a message back saying “k”.

I went over to Mom and played Marie’s voicemail about Seven Banners to her. I knew she would feel too guilty not letting me go. After the voicemail finished Mom said, “Aww that was sweet of Mrs. Morris, wasn’t it?” Success, I wanted to high five myself. “Too bad you can’t go.”

I tried hard not to lose my temper, knowing this wouldn’t get me anywhere. “Please. Just for today and then I’ll start the program right after. It is my birthday.”
“Chris, it’s always the same story with you. We give you an inch and you somehow end up taking a mile. We are not backing down this time. We have let your wetting problem run our lives in this house for too long. We always backed out after every program didn’t work quickly enough for you. Me and your father have never really put our foot down about this, and look where that’s gotten us. We are not changing our minds about any of this, and if you don’t accept that, you will only make things harder for yourself. I will tell you what though honey. If you want I will take you and Marie today if Mrs. Morris already bought the tickets.”

Just an hour earlier and this would have been great news. With my painfully obvious diaper on, this did not sound like such a good plan. “But Marie’s gonna know I’m wearing a diaper.”

“Honey Marie’s known about your condition forever. I hardly think it would surprise her to find out that you were in a diaper. But I understand if you don’t want her knowing. Emily left us some new clothes for you though, for when you go out. She promised they would help hide your diapers.” I doubted it, not even the best magician could make these things disappear under clothes. “What do you say? Let’s try your clothes on and see how you feel after that.”

I tried arguing and Mom said she would take back her offer altogether if that was the route I wanted to go. As I tried making up my mind there was a knock at the door. ‘Shit, did Marie come over already’ She was always impatient about stuff. I instructed my Mom if it was Marie tell her she’d have to wait outside for now. I ran in the t.v. room and hid while listening.

I heard the door creak open. I heard my brat of a sister’s voice ring out “Hi!”

I listened as mom said “Hi Victoria, Hi Brittany. Victoria I thought I told you we needed you out of the house for the morning.”

I cringed, she brought her friend Brittany over. Sure mom could stop Victoria from telling the whole world about my secrets, but she was powerless over someone else’s kid.

“Yeah well we got bored and we wanted to play Wii, and besides it’s almost 12:00. Last time I checked that was afternoon. Duh.”

‘Dammit.’ I was in the room with our Wii in it and I did not have a way out without passing the front door. I waited for Mom to tell them to leave. Instead Mom told them to come in and I heard them walking towards the t.v. room. I yelled out, “Mom no please don’t let them come back here. Please don’t do this this!”

Mom yelled back to me, “Honey, we were going to tell Victoria when she got home anyway. There’s no point hiding it. And Brittany’s here all the time, she was going to find out sooner or later.”

With that the little twerp dashed into the room, “Hiding what? What’s he hiding?”

In a second Victoria was looking right and burst into laughter. She squealed out, “OH MY GOD! He’s wearing a diaper. He looks so silly! Brittany come look!” Brittany walked over and had a shocked look on her face. My face must’ve been redder than a lobster.

I grabbed a pillow from the couch and put it in front of my diaper. “MOM! Tell Victoria to stop and to go away!”

“It’s about time they put you back in diapers. What a cute wittle baby brudda I got.”

Mom said, “Victoria Ann! You know you’re not allowed to tease your brother about his condition. You wouldn’t like it if he teased you about your acne.”

“Yeah, but at least I have problems appropriate for my age, unlike some people in this room.” Victoria giggled.

“Knock it off right now young lady. Your brother is wearing diapers as a part of a program to treat his wetting problem. I will not tolerate any more teasing or you can go to your room and I’ll drive Brittany home.” I could tell she was ready to make another poke at me, but she stayed silent. “Now I expect you to treat your brother with respect about this, but I do not want this to be a punishment for you too, so I’m not going to stop you from having friends over just because your brother wears diapers. But Brittany, I also expect you to not go spreading word about this, okay?” Brittany silently nodded still seeming startled by the whole situation. “Alright then, you girls have fun. Me and your brother will give you some privacy.”

‘Oh gee how considerate of you to give them some privacy. I guess mine doesn’t matter.’ And I pondered what did she mean by a punishment for her too? Was this really a punishment? Well it definitely felt like one, but I thought it was intended to help me. As me and my mom walked into the other room I heard Victoria and Brittany laughing, I was sure it was about me.

Mom asked what my decision was in regards to Seven Banners. I figured I’d try one more time. “Please can’t I just go without wearing a diaper? This way Mrs. Morris can just drive and you don’t get stuck there all day being bored. Doesn’t that sound better?”

“Honey I made my offer and it is my only one. Take it or leave it. Besides after what happened a few weeks ago I don’t exactly trust Mrs. Morris’s supervision. I had to come pick you up because you and Marie got too drunk and high, and you two did that right under her nose. Don’t think I’m not still upset about you soaking the car on the ride home. An accident is an accident, but when it’s because you were too wasted, well that is not something I am going to tolerate young man. Me and your father are not happy about you getting high and drunk.”

‘Really? I thought she would’ve let that go by now. Besides I’m almost in college, is it really that big of a deal?’

“So what is it? We better get going soon if we’re going.”

I realized I was not getting my way, not yet at least. Mom would come round sooner or later. But rather than waste my birthday fighting I decided to try to make the best of it. I let out a drawn out, “Ugh, fine.” I said I would try the clothes on.

Mom walked over to the second bin and opened it, “Hmm let’s see if they got the clothing order right.” She moved some items around as she looked through. “Yep it looks right.” She then pulled out a big looking light blue t-shirt with “WP” on the front in bubble letters. ‘Great. Now I’ll never forget I’m in We Potty.At least no one will know what it stands for.’ Then she pulled out a pair of beige shorts that were also bigger than my normal size. Last she pulled out a tank top that had an extra flap in the front at the bottom with buttons on it. It didn’t take me long to realize it was a onesie, just like babies wore, only much bigger.

“Um, I’m not wearing that, I’ll just try the t-shirt and jeans.”

“Honey when I spoke to Trudy on the phone she said they are important for making your diapers less noticeable when we go out. They hold everything closer to your body so you don’t look so puffy down there. Also if your diaper gets wet and heavy, it won’t droop and you won’t get a diaper butt. They also help keep you leak free. If we’re going out you wearing the onesie is not a discussion.”


Mom walked over to me with the onesie and said “arms up.” I told her I’d put it on myself. “Does this really need to be a fight every step of the way? Now arms up.” I put my arms up and the onesie was slipped over my body. Mom pulled on it and she brought the flap in the front towards the back and clicked three snaps into place. It really compressed my whole diaper against my body. It especially pulled up on all of the padding which made me feel like I was being crushed down there. I got my shorts and t-shirt on, and walked over to a mirror. I was actually surprised to find that the diaper was not that obvious. There were still some bulges, but they were minor enough for me to not worry too much. It wasn’t my choice of outfit for sure, but it would have to do I guess. I knew my other clothes would not fit. I texted Marie the change of plans and said we’d be over soon.

Mom went over and grabbed a pink pocketbook out of one of the bins. It was really big and ugly, and I wondered why that came with my supplies. With the teddy bears and blocks on the bag it became apparent it was a diaper bag. I watched as she filled it up with diapers and other items. “Mom you’re not really taking that are you? Marie will know exactly what it is.”

“Well you’re diapers are not going to fit in my other bags. Besides I wouldn’t want to have a wet diaper sitting in one of my nice bags. And it’s not even an option for not bringing a diaper bag. It’s going to be a long day and it’s a long car ride. If you need a change, I am not going to take my chances at a repeat of that last clean up.” Mom looked at me as she stuck baby powder into the bag. “Alright I think we’re all ready then. I’m going to let your Dad know what’s going on and then we’ll leave.” I couldn’t imagine Mom changing my diaper at Seven Banners with Marie around if it came to that. I questioned if I was making the right choice.

Story is written by Stacylove92

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