John’s Regression Chapter 23

Story is written by abdl5622

We both just played there in the sand for another half hour, the mass in my rear was beginning to get cold and uncomfortable. Then my mom came outside.

“Just checking in on both of you and from the smell of things, one of you could use a change”

“Sorry mom I couldn’t hold it”

“That is why you wear diapers baby. It isn’t your fault. Come on and lets get you changed”


“You can stay out here for a bit Jack, it might be a bit judging from the condition of his diaper” she said as she pushed her hand against the rear of my diaper. Forcing the gooey mess to ooze all around.

That was sort of uncalled for…

“Sure thing” he said as I waddled like a penguin inside.

“Lets get you undressed” she said as she removed T-shirt, leaving me in just a diaper.

“Wow it never ceases to surprise me how much you go when you have to go” she said as I looked down at the brown saggy mess between my legs.

“Doesn’t matter, up you go” she said as she began to change me.

“My baby is probably hungry”

I nodded while still sucking on my pacifier.

“Good, I have lunch ready after you are cleaned up”

One very messy diaper and many wipes later. “All done, doesn’t that feel better”

It does feel a lot better to be in a nice, soft, clean diaper. I nodded.

“Let’s go get Jack, then eat some lunch” she said as I got redressed and we went outside.

“Hey Jack would you like to have some lunch”
“Sure” he said as he came inside and sat at the table.

“Would you like to try a bottle Jack?”

“No thank you”

“You sure, it is nice to use”

“I’m good”

The remainder of lunch was fairly uneventful.

“On second thought, I will see what it is like to drink from a bottle”

Oh cool, he will love it I’m sure.

“Here you can have the rest of mine”

“Thanks” he replied as he began to suckle away at it.

“Umm… wait Jack, I can make you your own”

“It’s fine mom, he can just have the rest of mine”

“Uhh… okay, sure thing”

“Why is something wrong” I asked.

“No, it’s fine, just wanted to let him know he can have his own”

He finished the bottle. “It was enjoyable. But, what was in it?”

Milk, what else has that taste.

“Milk, right mom?”

“Yes, milk” she said nervously.

“It didn’t really taste like milk”

What? It tastes the same as it has for the past couple weeks.

“It might just be the bottle”

I don’t remember it tasting any different when it was not in a bottle?

“Or we use whole milk instead”

Oh okay, I guess that makes sense.

“Jack isn’t your mom going to be here soon?”

“Oh your right, I should probably switch back to Goodnites and hold on to this for me John” he said as he handed me the pacifier.

“You sure. It was a gift for you to keep”

“I don’t know what my mom or my sister would think”


“I’ll hold onto it for you Jack, and I will go grab a Goodnite from your bag. Meet me in John’s room”

Soon Jack’s mom came to pick him up.

“Hi mom”

“Hi sweety and hi Amanda”

“Mary, uhh …” she whispered something into my moms ear.

“Haha, it’s fine, I will just make sure we have plenty of wipes”

“I would also recommend using the other ones”

“Alright will do”

“Sorry about this Mary”

“Don’t be, it will be an experience for us. We can talk about it tomorrow”

“Sure, bye Mary and bye Jack”

“Thank you for letting me come over”

“See you later Amanda”

With that Jack left.

“Pity he didn’t like his pacifier”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that, I also think he will be in for a pleasant surprise when he unpacks”

We then watched T.V. for a bit and had a late dinner. During dinner my mom began a conversation.

“So, baby, I have to go see a client tomorrow. I will be gone all day as a result”

“It’s okay, I should be fine on my own”

“Well what if you need your diaper changed or something happens?”

“I think I will be fine”

“Well just to be safe, I hired a babysitter”

What… what… someone else seeing me.

“Mom, I don’t want people think I am weird”

“You were okay with Jack?”

“Jack is different he was like me”

“Look baby, you have met her already”

“That just makes it worse. Someone I know”

“You remember Jessica from the mall”

Jessica… oh her.

“Doesn’t she think I’m four?”

“Yes, but that makes things easier, she wont ask questions about it”

“Ya, but she will expect me to be a toddler and treat me like one”

“Is that so bad? You seem to enjoy it”

She does have a point. Maybe it wont be so bad.

“I don’t know. But, I guess I will just have to sleep on it”

“Thanks for understanding”

With that we walked upstairs and I got ready for bed.

A babysitter? Really? Well I will just have to see how tomorrow plays out.

With that thought I drifted off to a deep slumber.

Story is written by abdl5622

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