We Potty Chapter 4

Story is written by Stacylove92

It didn’t take long before Emily was walking back in. Dad once again held the door for her, only this time she held a large plastic bin in her arms. It looked sort of heavy the way she was struggling to carry it. Let’s be honest though, she’s a girl, she’s probably just not that strong. And I’m sure carrying that in heels didn’t make it any easier. She brought the bin over by the couches and placed it on the ground with a thud.

Why she would need something so big for a bedwetting alarm? I started to wonder if there were other things in there, and if so just what were those other things? After my first surprise this morning I was not in the mood for anymore. I was starting to get a bad feeling about all of this. Well let me rephrase that. I was starting to get a worse feeling about all of this.

We all sat down on the couches again. Emily began speaking, “So Sarah, I know that Trudy explained our program over the phone. Did you hold off on explaining the program to Chris like we had discussed?”

Mom nodded her head, “Yeah. He didn’t even know you were coming until this morning.”

“Uh oh, did somebody get a birthday surprise this morning? Well it really is best if I personally get to explain the program in full. Emily turned towards me. “Now before I start to go over the program I need you to know that none of us are mad at you. You also have nothing to be ashamed about. It’s not like you wet on purpose, right?”

‘Yes. I voluntarily sleep in a puddle of my own piss every single night and pee my pants in public just for fun.’ I rolled my eyes at her stupid question.

“I’m just trying to say we know that you don’t do this on purpose. Accidents are something you can’t control. And if you have no control over the accidents, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. It’s not your fault, right?”

‘I already know I can’t control my bladder. Is this seriously supposed to make me feel better?’ I just ignored her this time and turned my head to the complete opposite direction.

I felt Emily move closer to me. “Don’t be so embarrassed about this. That’s not what any of this is about. I am here to help you.” She placed her hand on my upper arm.

Hopefully she couldn’t feel my pulse skyrocket when she did that. My mind’s reaction was to jerk away when she touched me, but my body sort of froze up. ‘Oh my God, is she really touching me right now?’ She took her hand off of me and I moved away to reestablish some personal space.

Emily continued speaking to me, “Chris, we all know how much trouble wetting our pants and our beds can cause. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you never had to deal with wet pants or wet beds anymore?”

‘Well it is clear that these condescending questions that don’t even need answering aren’t going to stop anytime soon.’ I figured it would be better to just go along with it. Hopefully it would get this all over with quicker. ‘Yeah, it would be a lot easier. I wouldn’t have so much laundry to do all of the time and I guess I wouldn’t be so scared about having accidents in front of people.’ I exaggerated just to throw her a bone.

Emily bobbed her head up and down. “See there we go. And I bet Dad would agree that life would be easier with no more wet pants or beds, right?”

“His accidents just cause a lot of problems. They create a lot of tension in the family. No more clean ups or accidents when we go out somewhere would put everyone at ease.” Hearing him say that made me feel ashamed. I wanted him to feel proud of me for being the young man that I was. Instead I was just the kid who caused trouble with his leaky bladder.

Of course mom had to chime in with her worthless two cents. “You better believe life would be easier. We’re all at our wit’s end trying to clean up after accidents. It’s just getting to be too much. I am sick of living with the smell of pee.”

Emily nodded to acknowledge Mom’s nagging. I wondered if her nagging annoyed Emily as much as it did me.

Emily began speaking, “So we are all in agreement then. Life would be easier for everyone without anymore wet pants and wet beds to clean up after. Once Chris has completed his potty training, cleaning up after accidents will be no more than a bad memory. Until then we have a quick and easy fix to make sure that nobody is dealing with the stress of wet pants and wet beds anymore. I bet that sounds great for all of you.” Emily smiled first at me and then at my parents.

I wondered when mom would tell her that I’d already been on several medications. Those “quick and easy fixes” were nasty things. They had so many side effects and barely helped at all. That still didn’t explain the big bin sitting in the room though.

Emily continued speaking, “It is crucial that we foster a stress free environment while Chris is working on his potty training. The stress created by Chris’s unmanaged accidents can actually be very counterproductive to his success. While the wearing of diapers has many purposes in our program, the reduction of stress and anxiety…”

That’s where I cut her off and jumped off of the couch. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. “What?!?! Are you fucking kidding me? You guys are all fucking nuts if you think I’ll wear diapers!”

I saw Dad’s nostrils flare and he pointed right at me. “Christopher, you watch your language and sit back down!”

I stood there returning Dad’s glare right back at him. I heard my phone start ringing. It was Marie’s ring tone. I realized I forgot to text her I’d be late.

“Sit back down. I will not say it again.”

I didn’t falter in my eye contact. I wasn’t giving in. I had to draw the line somewhere. No fucking way in hell would they get me to wear a diaper.

“NO!” I stomped my foot as hard as I could.

Dad started getting up off of the couch. My butt was planted on the cushion before he finished standing. Dad was mad. “You’re going to knock this off right now or you will be sorry. I can assure you of that young man. And you will show respect for Emily. She doesn’t have to do any of this for you.”

‘Yeah, you’re right. She really doesn’t.’

I whimpered out, “But, but, please don’t do this. I don’t need diapers.” I gave my Mom the most sincere and pleading look I could manage.

“I’m sorry honey. Your father and I have already made up our minds.”

I hated that answer. “Why the fuck are you guys doing this to me? I don’t deserve this. This is so unfair! You guys are the worst parents in the whole fucking world! Why would you do this?!?!” I was absolutely livid.

That set mom off on a nagging tizzy. “Oh yeah? You think we’re so unfair? Should we tell Emily about your accident in my car a few weeks ago when you couldn’t wait five minutes for us to get home? Should we tell her how it took me two hours to clean it up?”

“Mom stop.” I was burning with humiliation.

Mom went right on, “Why don’t you go show Emily your tile floor in your bedroom. I’m sure she can guess why we don’t have carpeting in there.”

I couldn’t believe she would do this to me in front of Emily. I pulled my hair and buried my chin into my chest. I shut my eyes tight as I felt tears well up in them. “Mom! Pleaassee! Just Stop!”

And on she went, “Or why don’t we tell Emily how many times this year I had to leave work to sign you out of school just because you peed your pants and were too embarrassed to go back to class. Do you remember how many times it was? Because I lost track.”

That was it. I broke out bawling. I stood up and screamed at the top of my lungs through my sobs. “I… (gasp and sniffle) FUCKING… (gasp and sniffle) HATE YOU GUYS!” I started to make a mad dash for the front door. I got really scared as I heard Dad’s loud footsteps quickly thudding behind me. I instantly regretted the past minute. The next thing I knew he had both of his arms wrapped entirely around me and I was being lifted into the air.

“Oh shit. I’m done for now.” Before I could realize what was happening I felt a warm trickle going down my leg. Then a flood of wetness started spreading around my crotch and running down my pants. I heard it splashing onto the floor below me. When dad realized what was happening he put me down and quickly took a step back. I tried squeezing as tight as I could, but it was already too late. I was completely soaked. There I stood on display for Emily, an eighteen year old hysterically crying, standing in a huge puddle of pee he just made, with a wet patch all over his jeans to top it off.

Story is written by Stacylove92

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