We Potty Chapter 3

Story is written by Stacylove92

I watched with nervous anticipation as dad walked towards the door. He clutched the door knob, twisted it and pulled the door back to reveal a drop dead beauty standing behind it. She looked like she was only in her mid-twenties. My heart absolutely sank. I was expecting it to be some old man like it had been with the other program. There was no way this goddess looking creature could be here to discuss the problem I have.

She extended her hand to Dad. “Hello. It is a pleasure to meet you! My name is Emily. I am here for Chris’s orientation with We Potty. She gave Dad a beaming smile.

Dad told her to come in and then introduced himself, “Hi Emily. It is nice to meet you too. I’m Jack.”

My mom then walked over to her and gave Emily a half hug. “It is so nice to meet you. I am so happy we were assigned you as a counselor. Trudy said you were her counselor there.”

Emily smiled to her, “Oh likewise. It is nice to meet you as well. And thank you. I most definitely do try my best.” While she looked young she came off as someone much older. Perhaps it was the slow and careful elocution of her speech. She then looked over at me and I looked down to the floor. “And who is that we have hiding in the corner over there? Could that be Chris?”

Mom replied, “Yeah that is Chris. He wasn’t too happy about this being on his birthday.”

I heard Emily give a compassionate “Ohhh.” Then I heard the sound of heels making their way towards me across the wooden floor. ‘Great.’ I thought, ‘Just leave me alone.’ The footsteps came to a stop and I knew she was standing in front of me. I looked up slightly and saw her hand extended towards me. I reluctantly grabbed it and gave it a meek shake. I noticed how silky and soft her skin felt. “It is nice to finally meet you Chris. My boss Trudy told me all about you.”

‘Yeah. I’m sure she told you all of the flattering details about how I still pee myself.’ I mumbled that it was nice to meet her too. I momentarily looked up at her deep, blue, sparkling eyes before averting my gaze back to the ground.

“Happy Birthday too! I was told that this was going to be your birthday present. I know that doesn’t sound too fun. And you don’t seem happy right now, but trust me this is the best birthday present I can think of.”

‘You must not be thinking too hard.’ I could have thought of many better birthday presents. Actually, no present was starting to seem better at this point. Emily clapped her hands together, “So, shall we get started then?”

We all headed over to the couches at the far end of the room. My mom and dad sat on the loveseat. Emily put her bag down and sat on the other couch. I stood there wanting nothing more than to just get this over with. Emily patted the cushion next to her. “Come sit. I promise you I won’t bite.”

When I hesitated she tilted her head to the side and gave me a pouty, imploring look. How could I say no? I obliged and sat on the couch next to her. I was overcome by her enchanting perfume. My heart started pounding being in close proximity to such a beautiful woman. To be honest I get really shy around pretty girls. I’ve never had a girlfriend. The only reason I even feel so comfortable with Marie is that we’ve known each other since we were kids.

Emily looked over to my parents and began speaking, “So I know Trudy briefly discussed this with you Sarah, but I will go over it again. It is our goal at Progressive Options for the Toilet Training of Youth, to provide toilet training for children who have not yet been successful with it. We consider our services to be of the utmost importance. Yet our program has never dealt with a child quite Chris’s age before. A majority of our trainees are much younger as uncontrolled wetting and soiling tends to only be a problem for younger children.” She quickly turned to me, “Not that there’s anything wrong with you.” And then turned back to my parents. “Therefore it will be inevitable that some aspects of the program are geared towards children much younger than Chris, but I am confident we can really make this work. I am looking forward to working with you all. We recently had a lot of success with a fourteen year old girl. She went from suffering nearly constant accidents to being consistently dry. Doesn’t that sound good to you Chris?”

Even though I really disliked the way she sort of talked to me like a kid I couldn’t deny that did sound good. Oh how nice it would be to be done with this stupid problem once and for all. I shrugged my shoulders in response.

“Come on you can show some more excitement than that.” Emily looked like she was actually waiting for me to be more excited. But really, exactly how excited should an eighteen year old be about potty training? She realized she wouldn’t get any more out of me and moved on.

She reached into her bag and procured a marble notebook, which she placed on her lap. She went fumbling through her bag again and came out this time with a pen. She opened the notebook and thumbed through the pages until she stopped at one towards the back. I saw my name written on the top of the page. She clicked the pen once and brought it’s point down to the page. She made a few scribbles and then looked up at Mom and Dad. “Now Sarah I know you and Trudy briefly discussed Chris’s health history and toileting habits on the phone to make sure Chris would be a candidate for our program. But I would like to go over them in detail. It will really help me best approach a treatment plan.”

I knew all of the embarrassing questions that would be coming. I had been to one too many urologists over the years. Well more like five or six too many if we want to be accurate, but that’s beside the point.

Mom summed up my health history, “Besides his bladder problem he has always been a healthy, normal boy. He’s always been one of the strongest boys his age. The best looking too I might add at that.” Mom smiled at me. I let out a disgruntled sigh.

“Yes he is quite a handsome young guy.”, Emily said with a smile. I blushed so hard. I watched as Emily jotted down more notes. “So has Chris ever had any period of dryness?”

Mom didn’t hesitate to answer. She shook her head from side to side. “No, never. He was still in diapers at five. The only reason we even took him out of them was so that he would be allowed to go to school.”

‘Dammit.’ That woman was always giving away extra information where it wasn’t needed. She always seemed so eager to talk to these people about my problem. I shot mom the dirtiest look I could muster.

Mom saw it, “Relax honey. This is Emily’s job. There is nothing we can tell her that will surprise her. There’s no need to be embarrassed.”

‘Yeah that’s easy for you to say.’ I thought, ‘You’re not the one having your deepest secrets discussed like the latest, hottest gossip.’

Emily asked how I managed when I was taken out of diapers. Mom was once again oh so eager to answer. “We should have just kept a dresser of his clothes at the nurse’s office. Let’s leave it at that.” Mom chuckled at her dumb joke. ‘Oh my God. Just shut up mom.’ I looked over at Emily’s serious face and was glad to see she did not find Mom’s joke so funny.

Emily then asked how often I was wetting the bed now. Mom told her it was still every night. “Oh my” Emily said in a sympathetic voice. “That must be very upsetting for you Chris.” I rolled my eyes. “Well don’t you worry. Before you know it you’ll be all dry just like a big boy.” I scowled at her comment. ‘That was condescending. I’m an adult for crying out loud, more than just a “big boy.” They continued discussing my wetting. When Emily asked if I still soiled myself, which I definitely don’t, I tuned out the rest of their discussion.

Eventually Emily announced we were near the end of this humiliating interview. I tuned back in, at least we were getting somewhere. “Alright and one last thing” Emily said while holding up her index finger, “Sarah, you said over the phone that Chris is currently not wearing any form of absorbent protection either during the day or night. Correct?”

Mom nodded her head. ‘Well no shit Sherlock, obviously I don’t wear “absorbent protection”. I’m sixteen, not a baby for crying out loud.’

Emily then verified with mom that my waist size was 32 inches. ‘Waist size? Oh come on. Seriously?’ I knew what that meant. Another pair of those stupid underwear that were a bed wetting alarm. We had used that exact alarm with the last program for two friggin’ years. That didn’t help any better than the first alarm we had tried on our own. ‘Why are we doing this again? Haven’t we tried enough godforsaken bed wetting alarms by now? I think I’ll scream if we’re really doing this whole alarm thing again.

Emily closed her notebook and put it away in her bag. She stood up from the couch, “If you’ll excuse me I will be right back. I just need to get some supplies out of the van.” Dad stood up along with her and asked if she needed any help. “I can manage. Thank you though.” I couldn’t help but to stare at her perfect ass as she walked away.

Story is written by Stacylove92

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