John’s Regression Chapter 22

Story is written by abdl5622

I awoke in my crib to another drenched diaper. Nothing new. Feels like just yesterday, I was a fifteen year old. Now, I feel as though I am two. I kinda just rested in the crib until my mom came in to get me out and change me.

“Did you find the pacifier for Jack?”

“Yes baby, I did. Do you want to give it to him”

I nodded.

“Alright, I will get it”


“No problem baby”

I can’t wait to see what he thinks of having his own pacifier. I bet he is going to love it, I then sat by the door, eagerly awaiting Jack’s arrival.

“Don’t you want breakfast first. He is not going to be here for probably an hour or so”

A grumble in my stomach told me that she was right.

After clearing my plate as quickly as I could I began chugging my milk.

“You can slow down. There is still some time before he gets here”


“You’re right” But I am just to excited. I could feel butterflies in my stomach. Okay, I should calm down a bit. I finished up and plopped myself down on the couch.

Ding dong, I heard the doorbell ring and a jumped up to greet Jack.

“Hi, Jack”

“Hi” he said as he came inside.

“Is there somewhere I can put my backpack down?”

“I can take it for you” said my mom as she entered the room the room from behind. I felt her tug at the my rear waistband.

“Just a little wet” she said as she walked toward Jack.

“I’m fine” Jack said.

“Last time you were almost leaking when I checked you. Don’t really want to take any chances” she said as she check his diaper or Goodnite.

“Did you pack spares this time?”

“Yep, they are in my backpack”

“Great, if you need anything I will be in my office” she said as she left the room.

“So, what do you want to do John?”

“Don’t know, you?”

“Something outside would be nice. Seeing as it was raining yesterday”

“Sure” I replied as I led him outside.

“How about we play some basketball?”

“Sounds good, let me just go get the ball” I said as I walked toward to court to pick up the ball. Wow, this brings back memories. Funny to think how this is where I had my first daytime incident. This was where it all kinda started. How different my life is and I am compared to who I was then.

“John, you okay?”

I snapped out of my flashback.

“Yeah, just reminiscing about the past”

“So, want to play horse?”


We began to play. This game is much harder when you can’t put your legs together I thought as the plastic rubbed against my inner thighs. We played for a bit longer.

“Hey… Jack… let’s take a breather” I panted.

“Sure” We both sat down on the tarmac. One plus for the diaper, everywhere you sit has a cushion.

I looked over to Jack who had a very surprised look on his face and was looking down at his shorts.

Which is when I notice the small puddle under his damp short.

“You leak?”


“I will go get my mom” I said as I got up to find her.

If he only wore something more absorbent like me. Then he would not have to worry about leaks.

I walked into my mom’s office.

“So, tomorrow at noon?”

“Great, see you then” she said as she hung up the phone.

“Hey mom”


“Jack kinda leaked when he was outside”

“I knew those Goodnites would not be enough for someone his size, let’s go help him get cleaned up”

My stomach kinda felt weird as we walked back, but the feeling soon went away and we soon approached Jack as he got up and began to apologize.

“I am sorry Mrs…”

“It’s no big deal, you were outside so nothing got ruined. Not like it was your fault anyway”

“I will get a spare from my bag”

“Actually, if you could use one of John’s, that would let me worry less about you leaking on furniture”

That will give me the chance to give him the pacifier.

“I suppose” he replied as the three of us walked up to my room.

“Do you need a change as well?”

I reached and felt that the crotch of my diaper was not to wet.

“No, I think I’m fine”

“Alright, Jack could you strip while I talk to John”


“John, could you loose the pants again. I know this is weird but I will have to wash Jack’s and I would not want him to feel embarrassed”

I don’t really mind just being in a T-Shirt and diaper anymore. It is far easier to move around

“No problem”

“Great, thanks” she said as she went to change Jack.

What to do next. I churning in my stomach interrupted my thoughts. I should probably use the bathroom. I don’t want to mess with Jack here. I will ask mom when they are done. I also wonder what he will think about the pacifier. The churning stopped and I soon forgot about it.

“You can come in John”

I rushed in to say hi.

“How does a late lunch in a few hours sound to you boys?”

“Sure” we both replied in unison.

“Excellent, I will be in the office if either of you two need me”

She then looked toward me and said “Second drawer”


“Cool, I will get it” I replied as I went to grab my pacifier and hopefully Jack’s.

“What is that”

“A gift, now I know that you don’t really like the baby stuff. I thought that maybe if you tried it, you would like it” I removed the pacifier from the box.

“This was and probably still is my favorite baby thing, there is just something about sucking on it that brings you comfort. So, I got you one so you can try it”

Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes.

“Alright, I will try it”


“You just take it and pop it in your mouth like this” I said as I began to suck on the pacifier

He put it in his mouth and began to suck on it. We just stood there sucking on our pacifiers for a minute until I got board.

“So, do you like it?”

“It’s fine”

I guess it’s better than him not liking it.

“Want to go back outside?”

“What should I do with my pacifier?”

“Let me show you a trick my mom showed me” I said as I used the ribbon to tie the pacifier around his neck before doing the same for myself.

“There now we can always have access to our pacifier”

“Cool, and yes I would like to go outside, I noticed you had a sandbox”

“Sounds like fun”

We arrived at the sandbox and I sat down on my knees and began to play with Jack.

Gurgle gurgle gurgle, my stomach started to make noises as we played in the sand. Right, almost forgot and I really don’t want to do that while Jack is here. But, I don’t really want to leave him out here alone. However, pressure was building and I knew I would not last until he left. I guess I will have to stop play and go get mom. Pity this can’t wait.

“I will be right back Jack” I said as I began to stand up, but then, Blaarrrrrt. My diaper slowly began to fill as a soft snake like coil began to form in the rear of my diaper. No, not in front of Jack. I struggled to hold in what I could, but to no avail. No point in fighting it now. I then just relaxed and let the mess completely fill the rear of my diaper. Crackle, crackle, criinnnnkle. Log after log of warm mushy mess forced itself into the seat of my diaper causing it to expand. I began to instinctively push as the mess expanded sliding toward my crotch and with one final push, thelast log plopped down into my seat.

“On second thought” I felt very embarrassed as the front of my diaper began to get very warm.

“You already went. No big deal. We are outside and don’t have to deal with the smell”

A wave of relief came over me as I sat back down. Squash. I planted my bum right into the hot, gooey load. Ick. Forgot for a second. I thought as the warm mess spread throughout my diaper area, smothering my crotch in the sludge. Well at least Jack doesn’t care.

“You really had to go”

“I guess I did”

“Well, that is what the diaper is for” Jack laughed.

“I suppose you’re right” I chuckled.

I guess it really isn’t that bad.  I thought as I sucked on my pacifier and continued playing.

Story is written by abdl5622

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