Jack’s Plan Chapter 9

Story is written by abdl5622

Warm sunlight beamed through my window waking me up. I love the sunshine, so much nicer than the cold rain. I then noticed the dampness between my legs. Did I wet the bed again? Okay, I am just getting use to the diapers. I should be more careful to not get to use to them.

I went to take a shower and use the restroom before going over to John’s house.

Even though the thicker diaper was kinda cool, I will remember this time to pack extra Goodnites. I thought to myself as I stuffed a couple into my backpack and went downstairs.

“Remember to pack spares this time I see”


“Cool, I will drive you over after breakfast”

Soon, we finished eating and I was in the car heading over to John’s house.

Maybe we can do something outside today. I thought as I got out of the car and rang the doorbell.

“Have fun sweety” my mom said as she drove away.

Ding dong, the door swung open and standing in front of me was John.

“Hi, Jack”

He seems extra cheery today.

“Hi” I said nervously as I walked through the door.

“Is there somewhere I can put my backpack down?”

“I can take it for you” said John’s mom as she entered the room.

“Just a little wet” she said as she examine the back of John’s diaper. She then walked toward me. I don’t believe that I am wet. At least not enough to warrant a change.

“I’m fine” I replied.

“Last time you were almost leaking when I checked you. Don’t really want to take any chances” she said as she pulled back my pants.

“Did you pack spares this time?”

“Yep, they are in my backpack”

“Great, if you need anything I will be in my office” she said as she left the room.

“So, what do you want to do John?”

“Don’t know, you?”

“Something outside would be nice. Seeing as it was raining yesterday”

“Sure” he said as he walked toward a sliding glass door.

Wow, he has a nice backyard. I thought as I looked around. Funny, he has a sandbox too and a basketball hoop.

“How about we play some basketball?”

“Sounds good, let me just go get the ball”

He went to pick up the ball and kinda just froze.

“John, you okay?”

“Yeah, just reminiscing about the past”

“So, want to play horse?”


I could feel the need to pee after about half an hour. So, I decided just used my Goodnite. Ahh much better. Maybe, I shouldn’t have let it all out at once. I thought to myself as I could feel the dampness reaching my rear. Soon, I forgot about it and we both just continued playing.

“Hey… Jack… let’s take a breather” John panted.

I guess it would be a lot harder with a pillow of that size between your legs.

“Sure” I sat down on the tarmac with a cold, wet squish. I felt the liquid pooling at my rear and I looked down. Crap, I leaked. I thought as I saw the small puddle under my rear.

“You leak?”


“I will go get my mom”

I was about to say something but just accepted my defeat. I should have remembered. At least this time I have spares. Though I don’t know what I am going to do about my shorts.

Soon I saw John walking toward me with his mom.

“I am sorry Mrs…”

“It’s no big deal, you were outside so nothing got ruined. Not like it was your fault anyway”

Sort of was.

“I will get a spare from my bag”

“Actually, if you could use one of John’s, that would let me worry less about you leaking on furniture”

Well, I am a guest and it was sort of my fault that I leaked in the first place. I guess I have no choice.

“I suppose” I replied as the three of us walked up to John’s room.

I am never going to get use to seeing this room.

“Do you need a change as well?”

“No, I think I’m fine”

“Alright, Jack could you strip while I talk to John”



Oh right the changing table.

She finished talking to John and shut the door behind her.

“I am going to need to wash your shorts. So, same situation as yesterday”

Great… Well at least this time I can change back later in the day.

“Okay, thanks” I replied as I took off my shorts and shirt.

“Up you go” she said as she lifted me up onto the table.

Jesus… she is strong. I thought as a few drops escaped into the over saturated Goodnite.

“You should really consider just using these full time instead of having to deal with constantly changing your Goodnite” she said as she began to change me.

While, it would be nice to not have to worry about leaking. I do like some discretion.

“I will think about it”

“You’re all set” she said as she put me back down.

Still can’t put my legs together. I thought as I attempted to straighten my legs.

“You can come in John”

John came rushing in, also in just a T-Shirt and diaper.

That is nice of him. Trying to make me feel less embarrassed.

“How does a late lunch in a few hours sound to you boys?”

I am not that hungry right now, but I probably will be.
“Sure” we both replied in unison.

“Excellent, I will be in the office if either of you two need me”

She looked at John and said “Second drawer”

What does that mean?

“Cool, I will get it” John said as he grabbed his pacifier and grabbed a small box from a drawer.

“What is that”

“A gift, now I know that you don’t really like the baby stuff. I thought that maybe if you tried it, you would like it”

Is this going where I think it is going.

“This was and probably still is my favorite baby thing, there is just something about sucking on it that brings you comfort. So, I got you one so you can try it”

Well I can’t say no. Eh, maybe it is worth a shot.

“Alright, I will try it”

“You just take it and pop it in your mouth like this” he said as he began sucking happily on his pacifier.

Well this will be a first. I thought as I placed the rubber bulb in my mouth.

Not so bad. I thought as I got flashbacks to my sister and specifically her messing her diaper.

I am becoming more and more like her. Soon, I might be messing my diaper. Has John really done that?

“So, do you like it?”

Right back to reality, sort of.

“It’s fine”

I do kinda like it but I would prefer for John to not get me more baby stuff.

“Want to go back outside?”

“What should I do with my pacifier?”

“Let me show you a trick my mom showed me” he said as he took a piece of ribbon and tied the pacifier and the ribbon to my neck and did the same for himself.

“There now we can always have access to our pacifier”

Well I guess that is convenient.

“Cool, and yes I would like to go outside, I noticed you had a sandbox”

“Sounds like fun”

I glanced in a mirror as we were walking to see a stranger looking back. I can hardly recognize myself. I do look kind of cute though.

We soon arrived at the sandbox and began dig holes and fill them in.

It is so much more comfortable sitting on the cushion of a diaper than the rough sand. I can see why my sister enjoys the sandbox so much. I thought as I started sucking on my pacifier.

As we were playing in the sandbox, I could not get the image of my sister messing her diaper out of my mind. I still cannot believe that John has done that on multiple occasions. Nor do I believe that a diaper could hold all of that. Or maybe it could. The questions were buzzing around in my mind when I heard a gurgling coming from John’s stomach.

“I will be right back Jack” he said kind of frantically.

From the look on his face, I might get to see what it looks like after all. I thought as I watched him begin to stand up and then just freeze in place. Then I heard a muffled fart. He is really going to do it. I thought as I looked at the rear of his diaper as it began to rapidly expand. Wow he is really filling it. I then looked back down and pretended not to notice.

“On second thought” he blushed.

I should probably reassure him that I don’t care.

“You already went. No big deal. We are outside and don’t have to deal with the smell”

I really don’t care. My sister has a dirty diaper frequently. It’s not really anything weird to me.

He looked relieved from me saying that as he sat back down. Did he just sit in his own mess. Judging from his face, yes he did. I chuckled under my breath.

“You really had to go” I said noticing the brown tint of his crotch.

“I guess I did”

“Well, that is what the diaper is for” I laughed.

“I suppose you’re right” he said as he laughed along with me.

Story is written by abdl5622

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