Cursing is Bad

Cursing is BadFriday night was date night for Mike and Cheryl and they needed to find a babysitter for the boys. Typically, they would just drop Caiden and Kyle off at a friends house, but their usual options were busy or out of town. Instead, they asked their neighbor Mr. Dingo to watch the cubs. Mr. Dingo was a nice man that lived down the street with his wife. They don’t have any cubs right now, but they are super nice and are always willing to help. Mrs. Dingo had some work stuff to take care of so it was just Mr. Dingo watching the cubs that night.

The night started off really good. Mr. Dingo brought pizza with him when he arrived. Pizza is both of the cubs favorite food so they chowed down on it. After that it was movie time and the three settled in to watch ‘The Lion King’. Following the movie, it was getting close to the boys bedtime. Mr. Dingo had instructed Kyle to go take a shower while he changed Caiden’s stinky diaper. Once Caiden was clean and Kyle was finished, Mr. Dingo plopped Caiden in the tub and quickly washed him. Mr. Dingo allowed Caiden to play in the tub for a little bit since he was having so much fun. After an extra long bath, Caiden was dried off and re-diapered.

“OK guys, bedtime.” announced Mr. Dingo as he gave Caiden his pacifier.

“AAwwww…..” whined both boys collectively

“Ah ah ah….No whining.” smiled Mr Dingo “I let both of you stay up a little later than you usually do so now it’s time for bed.”

“Ok…Nite Mr. Dingo.” complied Kyle as he gave him a hum and went to his room.

“I dun wanna go ta bed…” whined Caiden some more.

“Caiden. It’s not up for discussion. We’ve had a fun evening, but even big cubs like you need to sleep. Now lets go.” said Mr. Dingo a little more sternly.

“No! Ima not goin ta bed! YOu’re not my mommy or daddy! You cants tell me what ta do!” shouted Caiden in defiance.

“Caiden Smith! I know I’m not your parents, but they did give me permission to give you a good spanking if you needed it. So I’m going to tell you ONE more time. It’s time for bed.” replied Mr. Dingo as he crossed his arms and tapped his foot.

“Ima not goin ta bed! You…you…stinky poopy butt head face stupid brain!” cursed Caiden

Being only three and a half years old Caiden only know so many bad words. Most of them are pretty simple and thrown together. Caiden’s parents have been very strict on Kyle and Caiden for using ‘curse’ words. They don’t want their use of bad language to evolve into something worse so they try and correct it on the spot. Mr. Dingo had been informed of that as well.

“That’s it young man. You’re in big trouble.” said Mr. Dingo as he picked up Caiden and carried him upstairs to his room.

“Put me downs!” struggled Caiden as he was brought into his room and placed over Mr. Dingo’s lap.


“When I, or any grown up, tells you to do something you do it. Understand?” lectured Mr. Dingo as he spanked Caiden over his diapered butt.


“OW! Owie! Otay! I’ll be goods an go ta bed!” whimpered Caiden as he was spanked.

“Good, now we need to have a little chat about your bad language.” said Mr. Dingo as he pulled the back of Caiden’s diaper down.

“Wait! Give me anoter chance! It wasan accident! I won’t do it’s again!” pleaded Caiden as his butt was bared.

“I know your parents have talked to you about using naughty words and told me to spank you if I heard any. I’m sure you’ll be good and won’t do it again, and this will be a reminder in case you think you are about to.” explained Mr Dingo as he firmly swatted Caiden’s unprotected rear three times.


“That’s for cursing!” lectured Mr. Dingo as he spanked Caiden

“OW! EI! OH! WWHAHAaa…” wailed Caiden as Mr Dingo finished the spanking and pulled Caiden’s diaper up.

Mr Dingo held Caiden for a few minutes until he calmed down.

“Did we learn our lesson?” asked Mr. Dingo as he rubbed Caiden’s back

“*sniffles* Yes…I need ta wisten to gwon ups and not use naughty words…” sniffled Caiden.

“That’s right. Good boy. Now it’s time to go to sleep.” replied Mr. Dingo as he laid Caiden down in his bed and tucked him in.

“Nite nite Mr. Dingo…” yawned Caiden

“Nite little dude.” replied Mr. Dingo as he turned off the lights, left the door cracked, and went downstairs.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by tolenderwolf


Yes using bad words is really bad and not good to use for a cub if they wont to avoid spanking.

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