OopsFoxy was visiting his friend rexam-1 for some playfun in his nursery. This day rexam-1 told Foxy that he have been practicing changing diapers on his Fox plush and he starting to getting good at it. He would like to show his mother that he could change his own diaper for now on and dont need here help any more.

But he would like to practicing on something bigger before he told his mother about this great news so his ask his friend Foxys if he could change his diaper. Foxy and rexam-1 was very close friend so he let him change his diaper. But it is was kind of a problem whit the diaper that rexam-1 was using during this change it did dent have a tail hole so when Foxy was up and waddling again his diaper that he now was wearing sliding down and ended up around his ankles.

So now he is standing there in rexam-1 nursery whit his bare bottom in clear view and whit his diaper halfway down.

Draw by ZombiNeko

Oops very messyOops messy diaper

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