Jack’s Plan Chapter 8

Story is written by abdl5622

Okay, so you are in nothing but a T-Shirt and diaper. Maybe I took this plan a little to far. Though this is very comfy at least. Though walking is a bit of a pain.

I thought to myself as I waddled into the kitchen.

“So, what is for lunch mom?”

“I made hotdogs, I hope that is alright with you Jack”

“Yeah I like hotdogs”

“Awesome, thanks mom”

I looked back at John and noticed the blue lines forming on his diaper.

These are the same as the ones I have at home.

We soon sat down at the table. It was weird, they were wooden chairs but the diaper provided a cushion that made them very comfortable. I soon began to eat as I watched John devour his food. Making a mess of himself. I slowly at and pieced my thoughts together.

Okay, Jack, isn’t this what you wanted, a chance to relive life as a toddler? Is this what I wanted? Should I listen to John? He does seem happy. What would mom think? What would my friends think?!? I am starting to understand where John’s mom was coming from with that rant. I soon finished my plate and continued thinking about the events until my thoughts were interrupted by John.

“Hey Jack, let’s hang out in my room”

Well I would like the chance to look around it more.

“Sounds like a plan to me”

We soon toddled back up the stairs.

Well I guess it would be a good time to just talk about our experiences. I am very curious about how he discovered this or got like this.

I sat down near a fire truck and begun to talk.

“So, John, how did this all come to be”

“What do you mean?”

“How did you start wearing diapers?”

“Bedwetting” I lied.

“Same and then it just progressed”

“How did you get introduced to the baby stuff?”

He does not have a sibling.

“I am actually kind of unsure. It just sort of happened”

Odd. I am still sort of curious about the messy accident.

“So, this might seem odd, but I am curious”


“What is it like to poop in your diaper?”

Maybe that was a little to blunt.

“Umm… to start off there is the smell”

I know what that is like, my sister has a messy diaper every day. I should make this less awkward.

“Sorry, what I meant to say was, how did it happen”

“Which time, the first time?”

“You have done it more than once?”

“I woke up in a very full diaper this morning. It has become just like a wet diaper. As my mom said, diapers are meant for both”

“Anyway, so the first time was when I was at the zoo and we could not manage to find a bathroom. Then just plop, what feels like a warm, gooey, soft serve ice cream filled the rear of my diaper”

Gross. He didn’t have to be that descriptive.

“Enough about me, what about you”

“What about me”

“What do you think of all of this”

I am actually kinda unsure if I like it or not.

“The baby stuff, I think it’s fine. It might not really be my cup of tea”

Though it seems like he gets a lot more attention from his mom.

“Jack, your mom is on her way to pick you up”

That went by fast.

“I will be down shortly”

“Well looks like this is goodbye for now”

“Unfortunately, it is. How about I come back tomorrow?”

“That would be great”

I waddled out of the room, feeling pressure in my bladder building up.

I walked downstairs and was handed my shorts by John’s mom. Oh crap, I am not wearing any pants. Somehow that thought has slipped my mind. The door opened up, and in walked my mom.

“I knew we were forgetting something. Sorry about that Jack” my mom said as she noticed me current diapered state.

“Ya, it is convenient that they are the same size or we might have had to cut this visit short” John’s mom said looking at me.

“Thanks for inviting Jack over” my mom said as she looked at me.

“Yes, thank you for inviting me over”

“Don’t mention it, you are welcome anytime. It was great for John to have a friend who understands him and that he can relate to. You can even come back over tomorrow if you want. I am sure John would love that” John’s mom said.

“So, what do you say Jack, do you want to come over tomorrow?” my mom asked.

I don’t really have anything better to do and it is nice to have someone like me to hangout with.

“That sounds great”

“Excellent, then I will see you tomorrow Jack” John’s mom said as we left.

We sat down in the car and we tried to ignore the elephant in the room of the fact I had no pants on.

“So, Jack. What do you think of John?” my mom asked.

Uhhh… I am not really sure at the moment. I probably should not tell her about the pacifier and stuff.

“He’s cool”

“He is a bit different from you, but I take it you didn’t mind?” she asked.

Does she know about the baby stuff?

“Not at all. I thought it was kinda cool”

Maybe that was the wrong word choice. She is being to vague for me to confirm. Before I could finish the thought, we arrived at home.

“Your sister is taking a nap right now, so you should be fine. Just grab some sweat pants and throw them on”

“Shouldn’t I change into a Goodnite?”

“No point in wasting a slightly damp diaper” she replied.

Am I wet? I thought as I glanced down and sure enough saw a faint blue line. These must absorb very well in order for me to not feel it. Wait, why didn’t I notice having to pee?

“You coming in Jack?”

“Ya, I will be right in” I replied as got out of the car and went inside.

I went up to my room and opened up my laptop to write in my journal.

Today was interesting. I met John. He was different but not in a bad way. He liked baby stuff, which I might be interested in trying at some point. He also uses his diaper for everything now. Which I find kinda gross, but I can’t knock it until I have tried it I guess.

I saved and closed my laptop.

“Jack dinner is ready” my mom yelled up.

Oh right the sweatpants. I just hope my sister doesn’t notice. I mean she is a toddler, how perceptive could she be?

I attempted to walk downstairs waddling as little as I could and I sat down at the table. Lucky for me, my sister seemed to be very focused on her food to notice the crinkling coming from under my pants.

That is a relief. She wont notice. I thought as I relaxed, probably a bit to much as I felt a warmth spreading across the front of my diaper. What? I usually can control it… Maybe I have just gotten use to having a Goodnite or diaper on. Ya that must be it, if I didn’t have one on, I would be fine.

We finished eating and I went to watch T.V. as my mom got my sister ready for bed.

Nothing on as usual. I thought as I mindlessly flipped through the channels. Soon my mom came back downstairs and sat down next to me. She put her arm around me and asked “So when do you want to go to the amusement park?”

Right, almost forgot about that.

“The day after tomorrow?”

“Sounds like a plan. I will have to check my schedule first, but it should be fine”

“Cool” Life has been great since I have started this plan. I met John, and I get to go to the amusement park.

“How does that sound Katie?”

“Yay, park”

I guess it would be cool if she tagged along.

We soon finished up dinner and I headed upstairs and chilled in my room for a couple more hours. During which I soaked my diaper without really even thinking about it. I should be careful to not get to use to these.

“Hey Jack, ready to get into your night clothes”

“Yes” I knew the drill. I walked into her room and laid on the floor.

“Wow, you are soaked, even in this”

“Couldn’t really take it off easily” I lied.

“You can always come and ask. But it is okay, its not like it changed anything. It might have even saved a Goodnite or two” she replied as she finished changing me.

“I will take you over tomorrow morning. Remember to pack extra Goodnites”

“I will” I replied as I walked upstairs and got into bed.

Today was cool. I met someone like me, sort of. I wonder what tomorrow will have in store.

Story is written by abdl5622

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