Lucky Chapter 3

Story is written by neverdry

Sarah and Miss Henry watched TV most of the afternoon. At 4:30 Sarah stood from the couch.  “I guess i should go and pick up Taylor. It’s just a couple blocks away, so we should be back here no later then 5:30.”

“Would you like me to go with you dear?” Miss Henry asked.

“That’s okay Miss Henry. I can get her.” Sarah said, already walking towards the front door.

“Okay dear. Be careful. I will get to work on dinner.”

Sarah put her shoes on and opened the door. The air felt chilly so she opened the closet and took out a light jacket. Slipping the jacket on, she walked out, closing the door behind her.

Then ten minute or so walk to Becky’s house, Sarah’s mind was racing the whole way. She had a couple of things she needed to do, but they were not going to be easy. Sarah waited on the corner. She looked at her iPhone 4:55.

Sarah knocked on the Becky’s front door. She waited a few seconds, before Mrs. Durham opened the door.

“Hi Mrs Durham. I was just walking by and I figured I would stop to get Taylor.”

“Come in Sarah. They are  just upstairs. I will go get her.”

Sarah stepped in the  house and watched Mrs. Durham walk around the corner. A few minutes later Taylor came walking towards her. She had on a pair of tight, black yoga pants and a old t-shirt.  She had no make-up on. Her hair looked like it had not been brushed for three days. It was a mess.

“What are you doing here?” Taylor huffed.

“I was just walking by and I thought maybe,  I would walk the rest of the way home with you.”

“Why? Do you need my to hold your hand? I’m not ready to go yet.”

Just then Becky came up behind Taylor. Becky was about the same height as Sarah. She could see Sarah overtop of Taylor’s head.  She smiled. “Hi Sarah. How are you?”

Sarah ignored Taylor and looked at Becky. “I’m good Becks.  How about you?”

“I’m good.” Becky said, stepping beside Taylor. “Hum…. Taylor I guess my Mom wants me to go with her, so it might be best, if you headed home.”

Taylor looked up at Becky. “Oh Okay. I just need to get my things.” Taylor turned and walked around the corner. Both Sarah and Becky watched her go.

Sarah stepped in closer to Becky and in a soft voice said, “Thanks Becks. I will stop  by sometime next week and maybe we can go out for lunch. I will text you.”

“Sounds good Sarah.”

“So did everything go okay last night?”

“I did not see it of course, but I’m pretty sure it was done.”

“Prefect. Thanks Becks. I know you don’t really like to hang with her.”

“$50 can make things easier.”

Both girls laughed. Then heard Taylor coming down the hall. Becky stepped aside so that Taylor could get by. Taylor set her bag down to put her shoes on. As soon as the bag hit the floor, Sarah bent down and picked it up. She slung it over her shoulder and pushed the front door open.

“See you later Becky.” Sarah said, holding the door open for Taylor.

“Okay, see you Sarah. Bye Taylor.”

“Bye.” Taylor said, looking at her bag that was over Sarah’s shoulder.

Sarah let the door close and walked down the walkway. Taylor took a couple quick steps to catch up to Sarah.

“I can take my bag.” Taylor said, reaching out to take it.

Sarah quickly turned so Taylor could not grab it. “It’s okay. I got it.” Sarah slowed down. She let Taylor walk a little bit in front of her. Sarah took her hand and rub the middle of Taylor’s back for just a second.

Taylor turned around. “What are you doing?”

“There was something on your shirt.” Sarah said, but really she just wanted to see if Taylor was wearing a bra. Luck would have it,  she was not. It did not surprise Sarah in the least. Taylor did not have much in the way of breast yet, so she very seldom wore a bra.

“So did this lady show up?” Taylor asked.

“Yes she did. She seems very nice.”


“She made me lunch and everything. I think it will be great to have her around.”

“Well, she is here for you anyway.”

Sarah smiled knowing what was in store for little Taylor. “You think so? I think she might be here more for you then me.”

“Dream on Sarah. I’m eighteen. I’m not the one that needs a babysitter.”

“Okay. What ever you say!” Sarah started to walk a little faster. She knew Taylor would almost have to run to keep up with her. They reached the front door of the house. Sarah let Taylor enter first. Sarah closed the door behind her.  She looked in the family room. Miss Henry was not there.

“You should go say Hi to the nanny.” Sarah said.

Taylor kicked off her shoes. “Sure, whatever.”

Sarah watched Taylor walk into the family room. With Taylor’s bag, Sarah made a bee line up the stairs.  She ran into her bedroom and opened her closet door. Sarah dumped everything out of the bag and proceeded to re-pack it. She found Taylor’s cell phone and powered it down. Sarah slug the bag over her shoulder and ran down the stairs. She set the bag at the front door and walked into the family room. From there she could see into the kitchen.

Taylor walked into the family room and looked into the kitchen. She could see a women with her back turned to her. Taylor slowly walked into the kitchen. Miss Henry heard something and turned from the stove.

“Hello dear. You must be Taylor. ” Miss Henry said, walking over towards her. “My name is Miss Henry, but you can call me Nanny. How was your little sleepover?”

Taylor looked up and this very tall and large lady. She took a step back when she approached her. Taylor could not believe at how big this lady was. She has never  felt so small. Even her Daddy, who was tall, did not make her feel this small. After starring for a few moments, Taylor finely said, “Uhmm Hi.”

Miss Henry bend down. “I asked how your sleepover went. Did you have fun?”

Taylor took another steep back. “It..It was okay, I guess. It was not really a sleepover. I was just hanging out with a friend.”

“That’s good dear.” Miss Henry reached around Taylor and placed her hand on Taylor’s bum.

Taylor jumped. “Hey.” she yelped.

Miss Henry stood back up and walked over to the stove. She turned two burners down and turned back, walking towards Taylor. “Dinner will be a bit yet. I think we should get you bathed before supper.” Miss Henry took a hold of Taylor’s hand.

Taylor looked down at Miss Henry’s hand, holding onto hers. “Uhmmm…I can get in the shower.”

“Nonsence  dear. Come on, lets get you in the bath.”

Miss Henry started walking. Taylor had no choice but to start walking herself as she was being pulled.

“Hey. Stop it.” Taylor yelled out.

Miss Henry just kept walking into the family room. Sarah sat on the couch, watching  Taylor being pulled along.

“I said, Stop it.” Taylor yelled again.

Miss Henry stopped walking, bent down and faced Taylor. “There will be no yelling, please.”

“But.. But I can take a shower. I don’t need a bath!”

Miss Henry smiled. “Okay. After your bath, we can turn the shower on for a few minutes.” Miss Henry said, hoping that would make Taylor feel more at ease.

“No. I don’t need a bath.”

“Yes you do sweetie. You are a little stinky. I’m sure you have not had a bath since yesterday.”

Taylor had not had a bath or shower since yesterday morning, but she could not figure out why this lady was taking her by the hand. Taylor put her free arm up in the air. “Listen lady. I don’t need you to take me for a bath. I’m eighteen. I’m a adult.”

Sarah grinned widely, sitting on the couch watching this all. She sat back waiting  to see how Miss Henry was going to handle little Taylor.

Miss Henry slowly pulled Taylor over towards the chair. She sat down and pulled Taylor in close. “I understand dear, that you like to play pretend. Please be  aware, that I will have nothing to do with any of this nonsense.”

Taylor was standing in between Miss Henry’s legs looking up just a little now, that she was sitting. She was confused at what she had just heard. It took a bit for her to  respond. “Pretend. I don’t play pretend. I’m eighteen. I can prove it.”

Miss Henry let go of Taylor’s hand and placed her hand on her shoulder. “Okay dear, I’m going to let you prove it, but understand this, if you don’t, you are going right over my lap.”

Taylor face went flush when Miss Henry said, “Right over her lap.” She shook her head and then took a step back from Miss Henry. “I can prove it.”

“Okay dear. Your choice.”

Taylor took another steep away from Miss Henry, turned and ran out towards the front door. She picked up her bag and ran back into the family room. She set the bag down in front of Miss Henry.

Sarah smiled and let out a little laugh. Miss Henry looked at her. Sarah just shook her head and smiled. Miss Henry smiled back.

Miss Henry looked at Taylor and the bag in front of her. Taylor opened the top of the bag and without any hesitation she pulled out a plastic bag that was tied up. Taylor looked at it. “What is this?” she asked more to herself then anyone else.

Miss Henry took the bag from Taylor and un-tied it. Looking in, she saw clothes. “I think I know what these are.” She held up the bag. “Sarah could you please take these down to the washer. I will put them in later.”

Sarah stood and walked over taking the bag from Miss Henry. “Yes. I can do that.” Sarah looked down at Taylor and shook her head, then stepped back and stood at the end of the couch. She did not want to miss what else Taylor was going to find in her bag.

Taylor was confused as to what was happening. She leaned back down. All she had to do was get her wallet and she this lady her student ID card. She placed her hand in the bag and pulled out something pink. She held it up. It was a little purse, pink with Barbie’s picture on it. “This is not mine.” she yelled.

Miss Henry had had enough. She reached down and picked up the bag. Picking it up from the bottom, she dumped what was left in it, on the floor.  Now lying  on the floor were three pink pull-up training pants and a pair of pink PJ’s.

Taylor eyes went as wide as they possibly could. “What the hell.” She looked at the empty bag in Miss Henry’s hand. It was her bag, but how did this stuff get in there. “I don’t understand. That’s not my stuff.” She turned towards Sarah. As soon as Taylor looked at Sarah. Sarah turned and started walking away.  Taylor screamed,”Sarah. Did you do this?”

Miss Henry set the bag down and with her foot moved the three pull-ups and PJs away. “I have seen enough.” she said, taking the stunned Taylor by the hand and pulling her in close to her. She looked up. “Sarah wait. Might as well take these down to the washer.” Miss Henry had Taylor in between her legs, she took a hold of the bottom of Taylor’s t-shirt and in one motion, she pulled it up over Taylor’s head. Sarah stopped walking, turned and went  over towards them. She took the t-shirt from Miss Henry. Miss Henry grabbed a hold of each side of Taylor’s yoga pants, pulling them down to her ankles.

“Stop this! What the fuck are you doing?” Taylor screamed.

Sarah had to stop herself from busting out laughing. She had really done it. Taylor’s private parts were bare. She was as smooth as a newborn. She would have to take Becky out for lunch this week, for sure.

Miss Henry flipped Taylor up over her legs with ease. She brought her hand down on Taylor’s bare bum. Swat. Then another. SWAT. “LYING IS ONE THING. SWEARING IS SOMETHING THAT I WILL NOT TOLERATE.”

“Stop. You can’t do this. I’m eighteen.” Taylor yelled out. She then yelled out because of the stinging that she felt on her backside. “Noooo. Stop it.”

Miss Henry pulled Taylor’s pants all the way off and handed them to Sarah. Sarah took them. She did not even look at the pants, she couldn’t  take her eyes off Taylor, laying across Miss Henry’s lap. Naked as a jay bird.

Sarah finely moved away, but her eyes never left Taylor. She backed up, all the way to the kitchen. She couldn’t stop smiling. ‘Daddy is not here to help you princess.’ she thought.

SWAT. SWAT. Miss Henry stopped at ten. Taylor had started crying after the forth spank. On the fifth spank her legs started kicking and the tears streamed down her face. Taylor was a mess after the tenth spank. She was crying uncontrollably. She could not remember the last time she had been spanked.  Her bottom felt like it was on fire.

Miss Henry let Taylor lie across her lap for a few moments.  She gently lowered  Taylor’s legs down and stood her up. Taylor’s face was covered in tears. Taylor placed her hand on her butt and rubbed it.

“Now. I don’t like to spank, but if you start up with this again, then you will get twice as many.” Miss Henry said. She pulled Taylor in and hugged her. “It’s okay dear. Come, let’s get you in the bathtub.”

Miss Henry stood up. With one quick motion she hoisted Taylor up and placed her on her hip. Taylor let out a yelp,  as Miss Henry placed her arm underneath Taylor’s very sore bottom. Naked, eighteen year old Taylor wrapped her legs around Miss Henry because she felt like she was going to fall. Her right arm quickly went up and around Miss Henry’s neck. Still crying and confused Taylor said nothing, as Miss Henry carried towards the stairs.

Sarah watched from the kitchen, as her step-sister sat on Miss Henry’s hip, naked with a very red bottom. Sarah held the bag with nothing more then some old clothes in it. She smiled looking at Taylor’s yoga pants. “Guess you wouldn’t be needing these for a while.” Sarah said, starting to walk towards the door leading down to the washer and dryer.

Story is written by neverdry

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