Jack’s Plan Chapter 5

Story written by abdl5622

I walked upstairs, barely able to contain my excitement as I opened the door. As I was changing into dry clothes and a Goodnite, I decided to journal the events.

My plan worked, I have been allowed to wear a Goodnite during the day now as well. Though it seems a little odd that my mom has been okay with all of this. I wonder how I am going to be able to hide this from Katie. She is only a toddler, it can’t be that hard. Well now to enjoy the rewards of a successful plan. I saved and shut my laptop.

What to wear? I could just throw on some athletic shorts and a t-shirt I guess. I thought as I pulled the gym shorts over the smooth cloth of the Goodnite and walked down stairs.

It feels weird to be walking around in just a Goodnite. I wonder if it is noticeable? Right then I began to get very nervous as thoughts of what people would say if they knew floated around my head. Then a warm gentle hand began to rub my back, bringing me back into reality.

“Everything is going to be okay Jack, I am sure it is just a phase and will pass in time”

“I suppose your right, thanks mom” I replied as I gave her a great big bear hug.

“Why don’t you go and watch some T.V. with your sister while I take care of some things?”


I plopped down on the couch feeling the Goodnite adding an extra layer of cushion.

I could get use to this. I thought as I began to watch the show that my sister was watching.

Great another little girls show about candy colored horses. I thought to myself.

After ten or so minutes, I overheard my mom talking on the phone.

“You were right”

“Do you think it’s okay for it to continue?”

“Really? I wonder if this will go the same way? Also, how do I explain the need for” she then whispered something into the phone.

“And how I need to do it?”

“That makes sense, thanks for the help”

She hung up the phone and I went back to watching T.V. with my sister. I began to enjoy the show as we watched more episodes. I began to feel a familiar pressure in my bladder.

I don’t really want to get up, and I am wearing a Goodnite. I thought to myself as the front of my crotch began to get warm. The warmth quickly spread to my backside as I saturated the Goodnite. It than began to swell causing my shorts to have a slight bulge.

“Dinner will be ready soon” my mom said as she entered the room.

“Katie I need to check your diaper”

My sister nodded as she stood up and turned around. She seemed to be fixated upon my gym shorts.

Did she notice the Goodnite? I nervously thought. However, she soon turned back to the T.V. and continued watching.

“You are soaked sweety”

“Can I at least finish this episode” she replied.

“Sure but then your really need a change”

I probably need a change as well. I thought as my mom walked over to me.

“Meet me in the kitchen” she whispered into my ear.

I nodded and stood up with the soggy Goodnite clinging to my rear.

As I entered the kitchen she told me to turn around. I felt her tugging the waistband of my Goodnite back as the cool air rushed past my bum. Did I just get checked like my sister? I thought.

“You are wet Jack. Good thing you had your Goodnites on or the couch would have been ruined. You should change into a dry one when I go change your sister”

My cheeks burned red from the embarrassment and shame of the deed that I had done, as I turned back around.

“Don’t be embarrassed you didn’t do anything wrong. One more thing” she said as she reached into a shopping bag and pulled out a large orange, gray, and purple package. Comfidry 24/7?

“I was silly in thinking that a Goodnite would work for a twelve year old. They were designed for kids half your age. Unlike these, which were made for situations like yours”

“So are they just a bigger Goodnite?”

“Not exactly. I will explain more after dinner”


I wonder how these differ from Goodnites? I thought as I ventured upstairs to remove the sodden Goodnite and change into a nice dry one.

Dinner was uneventful and soon after my mom took my sister upstairs and put her to bed. I watched T.V. for a bit before my mom came into the room and sat down on the couch next to me.

“Jack, back to our conversation earlier. The new um… protection is not as easy to put on as a Goodnite. They are similar to what your sister wears in how they are put on”

It seems as though she is jumping around the point she wants to make.

“I will need to assist you in putting these on”

Wait what. While more time with mom is always great. This seems degrading.

“You don’t think I could manage on my own?”

“Not really dear and in order for them to work right they need to be put on properly”

I guess I can watch to see how it is done first.


“Great meet me upstairs in ten minutes” she replied as she got the package from the kitchen and went into her room.

I shortly followed her upstairs.

“Grab your Pjs from your room first”

“Okay” I replied as I went to my room to get a pair of pajama bottoms. I returned to see a towel in the middle of the floor with what looked like an oversized diaper next to it. It looks just like what my sister wears but bigger. She does seem to enjoy them.

“First, do you need to use the bathroom because you can’t put these back on after your remove them”

“No” I lied, I did sort of have to go but I wanted to try these out.

“Okay now can you strip down for me and lay down on the towel”

I complied and slid off my dry Goodnite and got onto the towel.

“Lift and spread your legs for me”

After doing so I felt a cold moist cloth and noticed she was wiping me down with a baby wipe. She then applied a cream of some sort.

“Raise your butt up a little for a second” she said as she slid the diaper under me.

“Good you can relax, I am almost done”

She then applied what smelled like baby powder and taped up my diaper snugly.

“All set”

I sat up feeling the thickness under my rear and attempted to straighten my legs. Crinkle, the thick padding as the bulk forced my legs to stay apart.

“You have handled this very well Jack, as such, I feel you deserve a treat so how about we go to the amusement park tomorrow?”

“That sounds awesome mom” I said cheerfully as I was forced to waddle back to my room. I could hear the quiet chuckles coming from my mom.

Well that was certainly a day. I thought as I closed my door.

Story written by abdl5622

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